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[Saturday Social Media Summary Extravaganza] - 23 November 2019 (coming to you on a Sunday!)

Hi! Welcome!
This week’s post is arriving on Sunday for a variety of reasons, but I hope you’ll enjoy this edition all the same. Please check out last week’s if you think you missed anything or just want a refresher.
Once again I’ve tried to keep it short, and believe me, this is a lot shorter than it could have been. (If it’s getting too long for you or you can’t be bothered clicking all the links I would suggest you install Imagus or a similar extension so you only have to hover to open the images.)
Finally, special thanks again go out to u/BegoniaInBloom for the fantastic contributions this week! I couldn’t have covered nearly as much without them.
Vacay never ends ends for some
It may not be as tropical as say Dario Cataldo’s vacation in Costa Rica, but Nicolas Marini saw the Terracotta Warriors, which is pretty dang cool!
Puck Moonen was enjoying another week of vacation in Curacao, but it wasn’t all just lounging by the pool! She did seem to claim that heading to the beach was a bit gluttonous of her, but it looked quite pleasant to me. Sadly, her vacation couldn’t last forever, a rising trend over the past week or two.
Like Letizia Paternoster, Daniel Oss, et al in past weeks, Martina Alzini also spent some time on the beach in Zanzibar but she still made it back to Modena in time for the awards ceremony, with [Vittoria Guazzini and Letizia Paternoster], although Letizia looked a little bit different when hanging around on the beach. She too wrapped up her vacation and got back to training this week, at least before her unfortunate accident. To this, Alessandro De Marchi responded to to express solidarity for cyclists after his own incident earlier in the week.
Demi Vollering continued her South African vacation, including a refreshing walk in the see and giving the first-person leg beach pic a try! (Dario Cataldo nailed that sort of photo this week.)
Dan Martin’s vacation is sadly over and he and his family are now back in the cold.
The holidays are over and it’s time to start training for 2020, at least according to Florian Senechal. Steven Kruijswijk needed a reminder that it was time to train from Dylan Groenewegen, although I thought that emoji had been appropriated by a different sort of meaning.. Similar to the peach.
Giovanni Lonardi seems to feel like his vacation, which only ended last week, deserved a memorial, even if he and the boys were trying to hang loose back in Italy at U23 World Champion Samuele Battistella’s birthday party.
Cross training
Letizia Paternoster seems to think cyclists aren’t really fast runners, but they have other skills.
Rui Costa still ran. As did Remi Cavagna. Although it isn’t clear to me whether they were all that fast..
Simone Velasco swam. As did Rigoberto Uran, who was excruciatingly slow as he is still recovering from his shoulder injury. He also hit the gym as part of this process even if he needed some help from the trainers. Although with that sly look I might question whether he was exaggerating his need.
Simone also hit the gym and shared an alternative to the beach leg pic. While Barbara Guarischi has been working out at home.
Gianni Moscon went cross-country skiing.
Pascal Ackermann went hiking with Marco Holzer.
Alex Howes tried his hand at wood-cutting.
A whole bunch of riders, from Juan Jose Lobato to Jonathan Castroviejo to Ivan Cortina to Jack Haig (and many others) went paintballing.
Dylan Groenewegen is apparently quite good at CX, as is Ylber Sefa. While Marc Soler and Romain Bardet at least gave it a shot! It may be less surprising that Zdenek Stybar was also rocking it on the course. I guess that all makes sense given that, at least according to Michal Kwiatkowski, “Boys like it dirty”.
Eider Merino got dirty herself, and loved it! Even after not looking so in her element last week. Arnaud Demare also did some off road riding this week, Michal wasn’t wrong!
Mike Woods went for a ride on a fatbike in the snow, at temperatures more extreme than Kristoff (at least according to the recent post), and is thinking about going full time. Lawson Craddock went out in the cold. Tejay Van Garderen found a bit more sun. And Alex Howes was inspired by all of them to go for a shirtless run in the snow and was proclaimed King of the outdoor winter activities by Mike Woods. Although Alex claimed it wasn’t a fude, but only love. Perhaps we can get some clarity from Alex himself next weekend!
On the road & group rides
Tadej Pogacar went on a bike ride for the first time.
Remco Evenepoel made his first trip to the USA, with Bob Jungels. They, with Yves Lampaert, even seem to have gotten in the same wind tunnel as Sagan and Bora did the other week. Some of the crew even took in an ice hockey game while in California.
After getting back from the tropics Puck Moonen went out in the cold (3-degrees! She’s practically Kristoff!) but was struck by the low temperatures.
Greg Van Avermaet, Oliver Naesen, and others hit the road.
Tiffany Cromwell, Lizzie Deignan, and Phil Deignan also went out in the sun.
Andrea Vendrame, Sacha Modolo, Davide Cimolai, and others hit some more overcast roads.
Mike Teunissen and Timo Roosen rode through the leaves with some friends (partners?).
Davide Ballerini got out with Giacomo Nizzolo and Matteo Pelucchi this past week, and eveything seems great at the start of the season!
Pascal Ackermann rode with Marco Mathis, who helped guide him home.
Larry Warbasse had some trouble keeping up with at least they stuck together.
Simone Velasco, Lorenzo Fortunato, and Landi Marco hit the streets, but Simone didn’t take it so well. At least he knows how to recover.
Philippe Gilbert went riding in an old railway tunnel in Sanremo. Presumably the very same tunnel that Larry Warbasse, Kenny Elissonde, and others passed through later in the week.
Sub-category: Changing tubes
Larry Warbasse, Luke Rowe, and Michael Valgren struggled to change a tube while Geraint Thomas observed.
Wout Poels and Luke Rowe at least had a beautiful view. Kind of odd that Luke Rowe has been involved twice..
Oliviero Troia has some troubles of his own while out with Giulio Ciccone.
Pets and Wildlife
Upcoming AMA guest Alex Howes got some affection from a very good boi!
Wout Van Aert took some time out from posting his recovery (not included this week) to share his dinner partner with us! Giulio Ciccone did too, although his partner was a little less animated.
Simone Velasco shared a.. much larger friend of his. But just as cute.
Georgia Williams snapped a pic of a good looking puppy.
Egan Bernal’s bunnies took a trip outside. Too cute!
I’m not entirely clear if Puck Moonen really has a pet lizard or if it was just a vacation fling.
Letizia Paternoster saw a monkey of some sort, as did Dario Cataldo!
Demi Vollering saw a ton of wildlife in South Africa and she was encouraged to share all these with us:
They may not be tortoises but Dario Cataldo saw some amazingly cute sea turtles, although I hope his lights didn’t bother them.
Odds & Ends
Perhaps there hasn’t been any more news about Sam Bennett moving to DQS because he’s been focused on signing elsewhere, and looks quite happy himself. Apparently it was a gypsy wedding?
Sam may want to take some inspiration from Diego Rosa who appears to operate under the “Happy Wife, Happy Life” philosophy. (Although Rosa also enjoys spending time with the other important woman in his life.)
Chris Froome was hanging in Miami.
Tadej Pogacar is getting a little defensive about the extra pounds he put on this offseason. Although maybe he should be more defensive of his bike.
Wout Van Aert is basically a Michellin starred chef with this production, even if it wasn’t that elaborate if we pull back the curtain. Meanwhile Vincenzo Nibali went for some street food instead (and went incognito in some street clothes), Hugo Houle for some breakfast and Kasia Niewiadoma seemed more interested in dessert.
Greg van Avermaet shared a dinner with Lawrence Naesen and Pieter Clement, after riding with Oliver earlier in the week.
Steven Kruijswijk got tucked in a bit early (it was even still daylight out!).
To continue Onur Balkan’s coffee journey, he’s posted a few this week: 1, 2, 3, 4. Ari Fidanza did too but more to express her joy at how cheap breakfast is in the south of Italy!
Floortje Mackaij found Wout!
Tim Wellens was… in a burned out car?
In other confusing moments from this past week Carlos Barbero watched a “Dancing Queen performance” outside a shopping centre.
Nicholas Roche, Eddie Dunbar, and friends played some Monopoly!
Emilia Fahlin lost her passport.
Luke Rowe takes a trip down memory lane with Peter Kennaugh, Adam Blythe, and them all together, a few times.
Speaking of Kennaugh… This mug “is from a video where Cav is complaining that Kennaugh is going to serve him his coffee in a Sagan world champion mug.” BegoniaInBloom Hahaha, I hope he does it!
Giulio Ciccone was excited for a new team kit as if it was the first day of school!
Georgia Williams asks, who wore it better, Issy? Her? Ellie? Dad? But the clear winner? Howie. No doubt.
Lizzie Deignan seemed to be having fun at the carnival even if her daughter seems a bit over it.
Rohan Dennis appears to have a phone full of memes. Perhaps someone could invite him to pelotonmemes?
It was Matteo Trentin’s turn to be an answer in a TV game show this week.
Julian Alaphilippe had some dental work done.
Tao Geoghegan-Hart was going camping, with a special appearance by James Knox keeping it classy in the comments!
Megan Jastrab is concerned with figuring out the fashion rules of cycling as she is likely considering her future career options. She should at least consider speaking with Robert Gesink about why he rode with number 13 right side up on both sides.
Sacha Modolo is finally beginning to realize that being a dad might have some drawbacks. Lizzie Deignan also has been going through some life changes that come along with parenting.
Bad Robert! Too soon!!!
Total Direct Energie had a team bonding day at the track, but they weren’t exactly driving F1 cars.
Loic Chetout confesses to moto doping.
Cesare Benedetti claims that November is the new summer, but hasn’t it always been the summer in half the world?
Finally, and perhaps most disappointingly, Fausto Masnada is still working on these underwear promotional pictures, without any actual underwear.
And with that, I hope everyone enjoys their week! There won’t be an edition next weekend as I’d like to keep the focus on our AMA with Alex Howes, but check in again in early December for the next edition of SSMSE!
Best wishes,
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Every character from the new Super Smash Bros Ultimate represented by an NBA personality - with explanations

Marking the official announcement by Nintendo for Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the Switch, I'll be comparing every member of the Smash Ultimate cast(so far) to an NBA player respectively. The comparisons were made on the basis of appearance, name, competitive history, play style, etc. Be warned that most of these comparisons are probably reeeeeally bad due to the vast cast list but judge as you may. It's mainly composed of current NBA players but some other historic players may have snuk in there too. If y'all wanna know where I got the tier lists that I based many of these comparisons from, you can find em here.
Going in official order of the addition of characters to the franchise:
01 Mario - Dirk Nowitzki
As some of the oldest boys in the games, they are each a staple of their franchise. A common similarity between Dirk and Mario players is that they just put in their work every single day, a real Einstein of the game, really put in the work everyday, and, of course, they always hustle for the win, even in eras in which they're most certainly outmatched.
02 Donkey Kong - Tyson Chandler
Both are some big, strong creatures who have played the game for what seems like forever. They also got some massive muscles with some tiny legs.
03 Link - JJ Redick
Traditional sharpshooters known for they're accuracy and willingness to attack from anywhere on court/battle. With these persons' long range arsenals, they are most notably a threat from long range where a close out is seemingly impossible given the circumstances. Similarly, both do their best to evade opponents' attempts to stay with them as they are constantly running away towards freedom.
04 Samus - Dwyane Wade
As Samus is most knwon for her spacing ability and need to run away from opponents to free herself from constant and intimate defense, so is the Flash. Wade used his speed, just like Samus, to evade opponents not only to get himself more open, but also to allow better opportunities for his team.
05 Yoshi - Vince Carter
Has been defining and integral parts of their respective games for almost 20 years. Both the Yosh and Carter share many similarities most primarily being their seemingly invulnerable jump and means of attack. Also they've both done bad things that they seriously regret: Yoshi's act of committing tax fraud and Carter's mistake of undercutting McCaw.
06 Kirby - Gerald Green
Fun to play with but can suck at times. These boys jump HIGH
07 Fox - Kobe Bean Bryant
At the height of their successes in their games, these animals(a fox and a mamba) couldn't be stopped by anyone and it was hard to see an end to their reign. It wasn't until a setback(brawl tier & achilles) prevented the competitors rom dominating the games.
08 Pikachu - John Wall
Sometimes lighting-fast offense also has the capability for strength and strategy. Both Pikachu and Wall use their speed in order to attack the opponent and catch them off guard and exposed.
09 Luigi - Klay Thompson
The memeiest boys who both have similar skill sets to their partners in action but made a name for themselves by their ability to be weird but exceptional. From weegee to ChinaKlay and all their other variations they share the title of some of the moth loved by their community.
10 Ness - Carmelo Anthony
Even though both characters are super fun to play as/watch they are kinda just stuck in places of mediocrity. If you didn't know, Ness wears a pretty identifiable hat, but a little known fact is so does Melo, elo, elo ayyy
11 Captain Falcon - David West
These buff men spent most of their competitive careers underutilized in their respective systems without a championship to their names. But when placed in the right hands(Wizzrobe/Kerr) they can be correctly utilized to perfectly benefit the situation and even work their way to winning a finals.
12 Jigglypuff - Michael Carter-Williams
The first few times we saw them they were unbelievably good and fairly, fans were shocked by how good they performed in their first few games. In the past years they seemed to have simply dropped off in their impact in their games and frankly today are seen as trash.
13 Peach - Chris Paul
Exceptionally adept on both the offensive and defensive sides of the game. Can use defensive pressure to will opponent into making mistakes allowing Paul/Peach to take advantage. Both have a plethora of tools capable of tiring out the opponent and finding weaknesses.
13e Daisy - Ron Baker
Because they are exact clones of Peach/Chris Paul. Exact. There's a reason people call him Ron Baker, turnip taker.
14 Bowser - DeMarcus Cousins
Both some big, burly, and emotional creatures that do their best when they overpower the opponent and dominate the game. It helps that I secretly think Bowser is also an emotional lesbian which is why he steals Peach.
15 Ice Climbers - The Gasol Brothers
Both are pairs of members from a family/tribe that play for the same team(Spain). Since they were at their peak, fans have seen a drastic decline in their contribution to games both by absence and age.
16 Sheik - LeBron James
It's hard to find sustained greatness like his in smash. Both utilize a very versatile but aggressive play style. Sheik and Bron go to majors and finals many times but have a losing record in the long run against for dominant players or teams(Fox and Warriors/Spurs). Also the hype from a Sheik f-air to win a set mirrors that of a LeFuckYou 3 pointer.
17 Zelda - Ben Simmons
Zelda, just like Simmons, is a precursor to the domination that exists as Sheik and LeBron. Many fans are rooting for these characters to only become better. With Zelda's redesign and Simmons' exponential growth of his skill, fans cannot wait to see how these two will turn out.
18 Dr. Mario - Julius Erving
Simply because they are both the Doctors of the game
19 Pichu - JR Smith
Despite both being immensely, yet jokingly, beloved by their respective fanbases, Pichu and JR have the capacity(very commonly) to hurt themselves and their teams throughout the whole game but also in dire situations. Their mistakes add up, costing them even the victory in some cases.
20 Falco - Buddy Hield
"Buddy Hield is the camcorder recorded bootleg version of Kobe Bryant." - reversebayleycanrana just as Falco is "the camcorder recorded bootleg version" of Fox in Smash 4
21 Marth - Kevin Durant
Both have a versitile yet consistent play style, a long range(sword), and many different tools: combo game, edge guarding, and great neutral for Marth in addition to length, shooting ability, and great defense for Durant. Marth's tipper = Durant's cold blooded shot
21e Lucina - Nicholas Batum
Just as Lucina is a worse Marth, "Nicolas Batum is a Poor Man's Kevin Durant" as stated by asafianow some 7 months ago. In the same way Lucina lacks a tipper, Batum lacks almost everything Durant brings to the game.
22 Young Link - CJ McCollum
Both are some sharpshooters that aren't the first ones you think of in their respective games. It wasn't long until many fans realized that these play styles are more fun to watch and play as than the traditional characters/players in their roles.
23 Ganondorf - Russell Westbrook
Often watched for their insane abilities and the hype they bring to their respective games, it's a sad truth that they'll never be able to win a championship given their play style.
24 Mewtwo - Shaun Livingston
Both Mewtwo and Livingston experienced a great absence in their careers as they were unable to participate in the game as fans were furious and disappoint at such an atrocity. In their latter up to their current years these presences have proved they can still make a competitive mark on their games.
25 Roy - Brandon Roy
lol He's our boy
26 Mr. Game & Watch - Lance Stevenson
G&W and Lance were both the most random personalities I could think of in each of their games. With their skill set, both sides are completely unpredictable as they either blow out the opponent or become the laughing stock of fans.
27 Meta Knight - Dwight Howard
In their heyday, they were nearly unstoppable forces and MVP caliber parts of the games. But as time went on, they became plagued by future mediocrity.
28 Pit - Tony Parker
Both known for their speed while also being known for their fragility and likeness to a pretty girl.
28e Dark Pit - Bruno Caboclo
Dark Pit is not needed in Smash just as every NBA roster doesn't need a player that's strongest argument is being 2 years away from being 2 years away from being 2 years away from being 2 years away from being 30 years old
29 Zero Suit Samus - Anthony Davis
In their most recent iteration/season they were each one of the most dominant forces against ALL of their opponents. The only true difference I could distinguish is a space between the eyebrows on ZSS that lacks the warm fur of a unibrow.
30 Wario - Ron Artest/Metta World Peace
Who would REALLY wanna mess with these guys?
31 Snake - Derrick Rose
Once a pilar and unstoppable presence in their corresponding games, their absence left a sad mark on fans everywhere who wanted to continue to celebrate their greatness. It is only now that we will see the next chapter of their careers and what success awaits them.
32 Ike - Kyle Korver
It may seem like an odd comparison but the two are first and foremost one dimensional players in the specific aspects of their game. In short, Ike hits hard; Korver hits long(although not in the finals).
33-35 Pokemon Trainer - Michael Malone
The person in charge of the development and the maintaining of their pokemon/players
33 Squirtle - Jamal Murray
Beings with a lot of potential but a ways to go in their development.
34 Ivysaur - Will Barton
They have had some honing of their skills but a multitude of their evolution/maturation still remain.
35 Charizard - Paul Millsap
A force to be reckoned with as even in their final stages of progression they are still bettering their game and their team.
36 Diddy Kong - James Harden
Recent iterations of both have proven to be MVP caliber yet gimicky and annoying to play against. These entities provide polarizing sides to their individual communities as fans both fall in love with the success of each or dislike the ways in which they will their way to victory.
37 Lucas - Joe Ingles
With both of their boyish charms and glowing blonde beams of hair. How could someone decide between a cute boy like this and an adorable little man like this?
38 Sonic - Kyrie Irving
Both are ball dominant and insanely fast; can outspeed their opponents in most circumstances. Just like Sonic was put into the Super Mario Bros franchise behind Mario, Kyrie was put into the situation behind LeBron; in both situations it was hard to stand out as their own. The only pitfall of this comparison is that Kyrie probably believes Sonic is flat. Or he's just raising questions?
39 King Dedede - Blake Griffin
A big, strong, and powerful presence that can break through many defensive schemes by using a lotta strength or, at times, finesse and grace.
40 Olimar - Mike Conley
Everyone just kinda forgets about em sometimes but they can be pretty good given the right circumstances.
41 Lucario - Rajon Rondo
Both can be seen as a wild card due to their quickness and usually high iq. They share a relatively unique attribute in that they only get better as the game/season go on becoming like their most powerful selves.
42 R.O.B. - This basketball-playing robot made by Toyota that never misses a free throw but if it were in the NBA
43 Toon Link - Bradley Beal
Both maintain similar yet diluted roles compared to the previously mentioned links and their corresponding players. These two are not usually the first ones thought of when choosing favorites but these sharpshooters can be well utilized and, at times, become better than the others.
44 Wolf - Steven Adams
Strong and aggressive play style that has multitudes of safe options. Also Steven Adam's hair is pretty long and wild kinda like a wolf eh.
45 Villager - Kawhi Leonard
The play styles of both Villager and Kawhi are extremely defensive, but they have the capability to destroy you on the offensive end as well. It also always seems like Villager players do their best to spur themselves to victory.
46 Mega Man - Jahlil Okafor
Many fans were extremely hyped for their respective releases but in action they played as one trick ponies with some easily exploitable weaknesses. Everyone just wants hem to succeed though :(
47 Wii Fit Trainer - Jimmy Butler
Couple of extremely fit chaps with amazingly lax personalities
48 Rosalina & Luma - DeMar Derozan and Kyle Lowry
Both are seemingly inseparable duos that may be competitive but lack the prowess to truly get to the next level. Although the teams are fun to watch and can be very annoying to play against, fans are skeptical of their amount of future success.
49 Little Mac - Karl-Anthony Towns
Could anyone think of two more similar glass canons than these two. Generally, both of these meaty bois have their play styles revolve around their fast offensive tools but where they struggle is on the defensive end. While it seems as KAT lacks the quickness and anticipation on defense, Little Mac misses much needed air agility and a serviceable recovery.
50 Greninja - Victor Oladipo
Both in the past season and in Sm4sh, these quick and agile combatants proved themselves to be forces in competitive settings. Their rise to stardom was certainly unexpected on both ends but they brought a new life to the games.
51 Mii Brawler - Damien Wilkins
Mr. Irrelevant #1
52 Mii Swordfighter - DeAndre Liggins
Mr. Irrelevant #2
53 Mii Gunner - Xavier Munford
Mr. Irrelevant #3
54 Palutena - Joakim Noah
Once such a cool part of their respective games who each had an emphasis on defense. Then people saw, even with their current abilities, they're trash
55 Pac-Man - Boban Marjanović
In their current conditions, both titans have serious holes in their games in regards to their speed and acceleration respectively. But damn if they aren't two of the most delightful and entertaining parts of the their realms.
56 Robin - LeBron James
Y'know I'm just gonna put LeBron hear again cuz both are obsessed with reading their spell book and leGodfather respectively.
57 Shulk - Jrue Holiday
Multi-faceted play styles contribute to their continued success as they seem to change their game plan depending on the game.
58 Bowser Jr. - Nikola Jokic
Crafty and creative setups are these rascals' bread and butter. Such setups that these two create can only fully be understood after watching replays of the action several times over. SO fun to watch and fans look forward to what new moves they'll see everyday from this type.
59 Duck Hunt - Rudy Gobert
This one may initially seem like an odd choice but there exists the simple truth that both are just good at keeping the opponent out of the desired area. Both Gobert's and Duck Hunt's unparalled range prevent anyone who wishes to attack sent back.
60 Ryu - Timothy "The Big Fundamental" Duncan
As one of the most technical and fundamental characters in the Smash series, Ryu could not be more similar to any player other than the one and only "Big Fundamental". Their shared ability to out-duel the opponent by technique, game iq, and a grit and grind attitude puts them in the conversation as some of the best in the games.
61 Cloud - Wardell Stephen "Skyfucker aka a cloud" Curry
What more apt comparison could there be? Not only are Cloud and Steph the most annoying but spectacular parts of their corresponding games, but they also both bear astounding similarity to an actual cloud that fucks the sky for everyone else. Fans also are always trying to be these two whenever they play the game.
62 Corrin - Draymond Green
Some of the best defensive movement that a viewer could see. Always has a counter that can reverse the momentum of a match and/or stop the opponents in their tracks. Also hated by many.
63 Bayonetta - Giannis Antetokounmpo
Who wouldn't equate these two hot freaks to one another?? Both share an unstoppable, indomitable presence against all who stand in their path of success. And they also have little signs of slowing down, barring a nerf of Bayonetta. (Sakurai plz)
64 Inkling - Luka Doncic
Both are highly promoted inclusions in their respective games but many are skeptical of their abilities at a competitive level.
65 Ridley - DeAndre Ayton
The most hyped additions to the game———also Manute Bol - "Too big for the game"
and finally:
Daddy Sakurai >>>>>>>>>>>> Adam Silver
Explanation: do I really need one?
Feel free to explain any differences you might see cuz frankly this was difficult af.
Edit: Waaaaaaah I guess waluigi is Steve Blake, except people actually want the WAAAA
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DRAFT 2019 PRIMER - The draft is tomorrow and we have the 59th pick. Get hype, we’re drafting the future G League MVP (probably)

Join me brothers/sisters, fellow raptors fans, and draft gurus, as we get hype over a player who in all honesty most likely has a very low chance of ever seeing big minutes with the Raptors. But hey if there's any team who can find diamonds in the rough at 59, it's this team.
"But," you say, "this seems like a lot of work for a pick at the end of the draft"
You'd be correct. But I love the draft. Moving on...
In this guide, I'll be taking a look at the prospects in our draft range who could be the future GOAT of the 905 with our pick at 59.
I'll also highlight some notable talent in the late first and early second round who we could possibly trade up for that would be good fits with the Raptors. Atlanta, Boston, San Antonio, and Philadelphia all have multiple picks in this range, so we know for sure that picks will be sold on draft night. Let's dive in.


Marcos "Didi" Louzada Silva, SG/SF, Franca(Brazil) (Projected Range: 2nd Round/Undrafted)
Highlights: 1 , 2
This is the dude that DraftExpress has mocked to us as I'm typing this, so that's really the reason why he's here. Hadn't really heard of him before now lol. On the limited scouting I've done I can tell that he's a really talented shooter, and he has the defensive instincts to be a good defender as well. He's a solid athlete and can get up for some nice dunks as seen in his highlights posted above. He's not a stellar ball handler and his decision making can be questionable at times, but his 3&D potential has me interested.
Kyle Guy, SG/PG, Virginia (Projected Range: 2nd Round)
15.4/4.5/2.1 (45% FG, 43% 3PT, 83% FT)
Highlights: 1 , 2
I'm a fan of Kyle Guy. He's a fantastic shooter. Man he's good. He's not very athletic and his shot is streaky, but when he's hot he's hotter than the sun. Kyle won a national title in Virginia this past March and dropped 24 in the title game. He's a bit undersized to be a SG, but at the same time isn't really the best playmaker to be running the point. I expect him to be a 2 regardless. Don't really expect him to be much more than a scoreshooter, but he can be a fairly good one.
Miye Oni, SG/SF, Yale (Projected Range: 2nd Round)
17.1/6.3/3.6 (44% FG, 37% 3PT, 79% FT)
Highlights: 1 , 2
Miye is a specimen. Look at my dude. He honestly reminds me of Norm a bit with his defensive toughness and shooting, although he is pretty inconsistent. He's strong, plays tough defence, and can score the ball. He hasn't really played much against top competition and can be turnover prone at time, but I like his potential based on his athleticism and scoring ability.
🍁 Iggy Brazdeikis, SF, Michigan (Projected Range: 2nd Round)
14.8/5.4/0.8 (46% FG, 39% 3PT, 77% FT)
Highlights: 1 , 2
"Why should we draft Ignas?" Because we need another lovable ugly dude to fill the hole in our hearts that Jakob left. Real talk though, Iggy's an intriguing prospect. He's a solid scorer and good spot up shooter who can cut excellently. He also plays hard, gritty defence, so he'd fit right in here. He's not a very good passer and not a great athlete, but his 3&D potential makes him worth a grab.
Terance Mann, SG/SF, Florida State (Projected Range: 2nd Round)
11.4/6.5/2.5 (50.5 FG%, 39% 3PT, 79% FT)
Highlights: 1 , 2
Terance is a big wing with a heart of gold. He's a very high IQ player who always makes the right plays on defence. While his shot is still unproven (low attempts), he still knows when to keep the ball moving on offence and can run the offence if needed. He doesn't have a good off-dribble shot, and as I said before his shot is pretty inconsistent right now, but his form looks decent and he shot well from the line which bodes well for his NBA future. From all reports, he's a high character guy which our FO loves so keep an eye on him.
Jalen McDaniels, PF/SF, SDSU (Projected Range: 2nd Round)
15.6/8.3/2.1 (47% FG, 32% 3PT, 73% FT)
Highlights: 1 , 2
Jalen is really interesting to me because I feel like he should be mocked higher than the 40's and 50's, yet here we are. He has a solid handle and playmaking ability for a PF, and he can play excellent perimeter defence. His shot is there, as he can make free throws and his form isn't bad, it's just inconsistent from deep. He's also good at drawing charges, and I know how much Raps fans love dudes who can do that. He reminds me of a great value Jonathan Isaac. I'd be ecstatic if we got him at 59.


Ty Jerome, PG/SG, Virginia (Projected Range: 20-30)
13.6/4.2/5.5 (44% FG, 40% 3PT, 74% FT)
Highlights: 1 , 2 , 3
Ty is probably, in my mind, one of the most slept on prospects in the draft. He's got a winners mentality, as seen from his time in Virginia where they won the national title. The comparison I like the most for him is a taller Jose Calderon. He's not very athletic, but at 6'5 he's a big point guard who can see the floor and make winning plays. He's a smooth shooter, unselfish teammate, and solid defender on the ball. Our size in the backcourt was an issue for us in the playoffs, so Ty would be able to contribute immediately with his combination of height and BBall IQ.
🍁 Mfiondu Kabengele, C, Florida St (Projected Range: 20-30)
13.2/5.9/0.3 (50% FG, 37% 3PT, 76% FT)
Highlights: 1 , 2
Nephew of Dikembe, Canadian physical specimen who can also shoot the lights out. Let's face it, Serge and Marc won't be around forever. If we need to start planning for our C of the future, we can't go wrong with Mfiondu. He's a capable defender, he's long and can protect the rim, and he shot 37% from 3 in his sophomore campaign. Looking for the next Ibaka? Look no further. However he's pretty raw. Doesn't really know when to make the second pass, he'll usually throw the ball up once he catches it. Fouls a fair bit. What we're interested in here though, is his athleticism combined with his shooting.
Cam Johnson, SF, UNC (Projected Range: 20-30)
16.9/5.8/2.4 (51% FG, 46% 3PT, 82% FT)
Highlights: 1 , 2
Can you say shooter? Cam Johnson shot a blistering 46% from beyond the arc this season and was a major part of UNC's success this year. DraftExpress breaks down his shooting stroke and offensive talent in this video, but man he has emerged as arguably the best shooter in the draft class. He's not a first option by any means but can be lethal in the catch and shoot role. His rebounds and blocks are low for his position and he lacks strength. Not a very reliable defender. He's better suited for the 3 in the NBA but could play a small ball 4 role.
Nicolas Claxton, C, Georgia (Projected Range: Late 1st, Early 2nd)
13/8.6/1.8 (46% FG, 28% 3PT, 64% FT)
Highlights: 1, 2
Claxton is one of the most interesting prospects in the draft. It seems he was a late riser out of nowhere, but for good reason. He's a 6'11 C who can handle the ball like a forward, and his passing game isn't bad either. He's very good at passing off the dribble and ran the offence a lot at Georgia due to playing without a point guard. His defensive instincts are also impressive considering how thin he is, but he'll definitely need to gain weight in the NBA.
Thanks for reading! I'm always down to talk about draft prospects, so if there are some guys you're interested in that I didn't talk about, please bring it up in the comments and I'd love to discuss!
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2019 NBA Mock Draft (First Round Only)

Hey everyone. This is my first mock draft ever, so I tried my best to give some reasonable explanations for where I have everyone going. If you have any feedback, please let me know!
2019 NBA Draft First Round Mock
1. New Orleans – Zion Williamson (Duke) This one is fairly easy to justify in any case. Zion has a ton of potential on top of the fact that he was far and away the most dominant player in college basketball last year. On top of this, he’s shown that he’s a capable defender who should certainly improve at the NBA level. Definitely has his flaws with shooting and his reliance upon the same post moves, but you simply cannot pass up a talent like Zion with this pick.
2. Memphis – Ja Morant (Murray State) Another fairly easy pick to make here with Morant going to the Grizzlies. Now that AD is gone, teams looking for a star will turn to someone like Mike Conley going forward (Jazz and Pacers for example). Morant will fill the PG void that will result from a Conley trade, or even when he eventually leaves the team given his age. A phenomenal passer and scorer, just needs to improve decision making in some cases and fix his jump shot. Other than that, the Grizzlies should and will end up getting exactly what they expect when they draft Morant.
3. New York – RJ Barrett (Duke) Simply put, Barrett is the third best player in what has been dubbed a three-player draft. People will look to his inefficiency at Duke as a warning sign, but I’d still take Barrett before anyone not named Williamson or Morant. The Knicks need the best player available, and Barrett was the number one prospect for this draft class before Zion took the world by storm. Having to play in a system with two other potential top 10 picks certainly didn’t help either, and Barrett still managed to set the ACC freshman scoring record. Barrett has all the tools and the work ethic to be great at the next level, and by joining the Knicks, he’ll be provided the environment to instantly become a star for a team lacking in that department.
4. Atlanta (from New Orleans via Lakers) – Jarrett Culver (Texas Tech) (Atlanta send 8th, 17t , and 2022 1st Top 10 protected to New Orleans for the 4th Pick) This is where things get a bit interesting. The Hawks have been very interested in acquiring Culver’s services, and now that the Pelicans have the 4th pick and can very well get one of the players they want further down, this trade makes sense for both sides. Culver is a strong defensive wing that will take some heat off of Trae Young while maintaining floor spacing for the shooters on the Hawks like Young and Kevin Huerter. Culver can also fill the void left by Taureen Prince as a tenacious rebounder for his position. While Culver isn’t an exceptional shooter, Young and Huerter will provide shooting from the outside so Culver isn’t dependent on a three point shot he doesn’t have in his bag – yet.
5. Cleveland – De’Andre Hunter (Virginia) A lot of mocks have Cleveland going with Darius Garland here, but I don’t think that will be the direction Cleveland goes with here. Yes, Garland is a bit younger than Hunter and would fit their rebuild timeline a bit better, but Cleveland has an established point guard in Collin Sexton who quietly had a great rookie year minus the beginning of the season. Hunter will be able to learn from veteran Kevin Love to improve in areas such as rebounding while not being pressured to excel right away. His defense and three point shooting should translate well to the league, but past that Hunter will need to work on creating his own shots and space on a team where everybody will be trying to get there’s on the sunk ship that is Cleveland. No one player is going to shoot Cleveland into the playoffs, so it makes sense to take the safe pick in Hunter here and hope him and Sexton can develop.
6. Phoenix – Darius Garland (Vanderbilt) It’s no secret that Phoenix needs a PG, and they get the best PG next to Morant in this scenario. Garland is a bit of a question mark in regard to his ability to play at this level – he only played a handful of games in college before his season ending meniscus injury – but if his skills from those games and high school can translate, he’ll fit perfectly on the Suns. Devin Booker gets another reliable scoring option who can also pass well and space the floor. Unfortunately, that’s where the line is drawn for Garland. He’s a bit undersized and hasn’t shown he can draw fouls, and his defense is suspect, but from an offensive standpoint, this is exactly the player Phoenix needs for future success.
7. Chicago – Coby White (North Carolina) Like Phoenix, Chicago is going to need a point guard for the future since Kris Dunn hasn’t panned out, and if a trade for someone like Lonzo Ball doesn’t go through before the draft, the Bulls should take White. White always looks like he’s playing at full speed, which is why he excelled in the fast-paced UNC offense. His three-point stroke was smooth and quick in college, and he can beat defenders to the hoop with his speed. His speed also makes him a pest on defense, which is a plus for a smaller guard like White. This tough thing with White is his size. While he can beat defenders off the dribble, he’ll have trouble handling the longer and stronger bodies in the NBA, and his low shot release will be suspect to longer defenders, but if his speed can translate, White should be a great pick up for the Bulls.
8. New Orleans (from Atlanta) – Cam Reddish (Duke) (Atlanta send 8th, 17t , and 2022 1st Top 10 protected to New Orleans for the 4th Pick) The Pelicans need a shooter for spacing, and Reddish is the best shooting prospect available at this point. Reddish is another question mark in this draft with how he underperformed at Duke, but it’s tough to outshine two of the three best players in the draft. Reddish is long, but he can create his own shot off the dribble. He moves well without the ball and with proper the shooting mechanic he already has, he’ll eventually become a great shooter if everything goes well. His length also makes him an apt defender who can play the 1 through 4. While Reddish can create his own shots, he has trouble finishing and sometimes forces too many, though that may be a product of wanting to score after watching Zion and Barrett dominate. If Reddish can turn his FGAs in FGMs with the form he already has while continuing to improve on defense, Reddish should remain a talent in the NBA for years to come.
9. Washington – Jaxson Hayes (Texas) The Wizards project to be in tough shape for the next few years, so drafting a large boom prospect like Hayes makes a lot of sense. The Wizards need rim protection, and that’s exactly what Hayes offers. Hayes averaged 17.1 point, 8.6 rebounds, and 2.2 blocks per 40, proving that he can excel under the basket on both sides of the floor, but that’s about it. He can’t pass and didn’t attempt a single three pointer this past season for Texas. Like most young big men, he falls for fakes in the paint and doesn’t defend the pick and roll well, and his somewhat slender frame makes it tough to set screens and rebound over stronger and bigger bodies. Hayes is raw, but his potential as a rim protector and post scorer can’t be overlooked – if he develops well, he should exceed expectations for the Wizards.
10. Atlanta (from Dallas) – Bol Bol (Oregon) With the possibility that Dwayne Dedmon leaves in free agency, the Hawks will need another stretch 5, and Bol fits the mold perfectly. Bol shot 52% from three in his small sample size from college while averaging ridiculous 28.2/12.8/1.3 splits per 40. The main issues with Bol are his motor and his health. Bol is slow due to his abnormal size, and that shows through his defense. Past that, he either looks lost or disinterested on defense most of the time, which for someone who should be able to protect the rim is disheartening. His body also leaves him susceptible to health problems, like the stress fracture that kept him sidelined most of the year. Bol has major upside as a 7’3” shooter with post skills to boot, but his defense and effort must improve for him to excel in the NBA.
11. Minnesota – Sekou Doumbouya (International) Unless the rumored promise to Rui Hachimura is true, Minnesota will be best fit taking either Brandon Clarke or Doumbouya. Doumbouya makes more sense in my opinion due to his untapped potential and length that should translate well to Minnesota. Minnesota really needs anything but a center, as Karl-Anthony Towns is a top 5 center in the league, so they should take the best player available in Doumbouya. Doumbouya has length and scoring ability to make him a legit threat immediately in the NBA, and his youth provides the Timberwolves with a backup plan in case Towns becomes unhappy and requests a trade in the coming years if the Timberwolves are unsuccessful. While Doumbouya can shoot and score well, and has the length to defend all 5 positions, his low basketball IQ is certainly an issue. Proper development in the best league in the world should fix those problems after time, and with Doumbouya only 18 years old, there is plenty of time for the Timberwolves to fix Doumbouya’s issues and turn him into a great player.
12. Charlotte – Brandon Clarke (Gonzaga) Charlotte has problems everywhere but PG (and if Kemba leaves, that’ll be an issue as well), but the most important problem right now is defense. Clarke was an exceptional defender last year, who apparently had as many blocks as missed shots this past season (shoutout The Ringer). His 16.9/8.6/1.9 splits are also impressive even if he played in the WCC. He’s a perfect small-ball 4 or 5 who will fit well with whatever team who drafts him. Clarke’s biggest issue is that his shooting wasn’t great by any means at Gonzaga, and his post scoring ability will certainly be hindered by the bigger defenders in the NBA. Without a reliable shot from range, Clarke will most likely just be known for his defense if he pans out.
13. Miami – Nassir Little (North Carolina) The Heat are in a really tricky situation given their cap issues and lack of talent locked up, so the best option here is to take a boom or bust player like Little and hopes he pans out. While Little was relegated to the bench at UNC, he absolutely took advantage of those minutes when he played. He averaged 21.5/10.1/1.4 per 40 and is a strong defender as well with his 7’1” wingspan. Little’s biggest problem is unquestionably his shooting (only 26.9% from three on 52 attempts), and in a league where shooting is as valuable as it has ever been, Little will need a jump shot to succeed in the league. However, Little’s size and potential make him a suitable pick for the Heat, who need a star to lead them once their contracts are eventually off the books. Rui Hachimura could also be a pick, but the Heat don’t need another high floor without as much promise as Little to develop.
14. Boston (from Sacramento via Philadelphia) – Rui Hachimura (Gonzaga) As a Boston fan, I would love Hachimura to fall here, and I think this is the most realistic scenario in which that happens. Hachimura picked up the game only a few years back and has already shown enormous potential in his time at Gonzaga. His length and frame are similar to Giannis in my opinion (although there is a dramatic talent difference, obviously) and his ability to cut to the basket will fit great on a team that could possibly resign shooters like Terry Rozier and Marcus Morris. Hachimura’s faults lie in his ability to comprehend the game around him – he’s often slow making reads on both offense and defense. He shot well from three at 41.7%, but only took 36 attempts last year, so he’ll certainly need to improve that as well. Hachimura’s uncertainty on the floor and lack of outside shooting will make it tough to adapt to the NBA immediately, but Hachimura’s fairly high floor and physical tools make him a safe pick for the Celtics with boom potential.
15. Detroit – Ty Jerome (Virginia) This is probably the biggest reach I’ll have in this mock, but looking back my other picks line up pretty close to other mocks out there so I want to add a little flair. Detroit is going to need a point guard once Reggie Jackson finally moves on from Detroit, and Jerome can fit that bill perfectly. He’s a smart passer who averaged 5.5 assists per game in the slowest offense in college basketball, nearly shot 40% from three, and was a solid defender as well with 1.5 steals per game. Nearly 6’6”, Jerome can defend, and defend well, several positions, and busts his ass as well. For his height, may struggle finishing inside, but Detroit already has two inside players in Andre Drummond and Blake Griffin locked up to hefty deals, so the spacing would fit nicely as well.
16. Orlando – Romeo Langford (Indiana) On paper, Langford is exactly what Orlando will want in this draft. At 6’6”, his 6’11” wingspan adds more length to an already incredibly long lineup, and his scoring ability is exactly what Orlando will be looking for if Nikola Vucevic moves on to another team. Despite his lackluster numbers from 3 (27.2%) and the field in general (49.1 EFG%), Langford looks like he could score on anyone with the way he attacks the hoop. He can rebound well for his position given his length, and his defense will be top tier if he can keep up with what’s going on at the next level. Overall, another project for Orlando to possibly develop into a star in this low-pressure environment.
17. New Orleans – Tyler Herro (Kentucky) (Atlanta send 8th, 17t , and 2022 1st Top 10 protected to New Orleans for the 4th Pick) I think it would make a whole lot of sense for Orlando to draft Tyler Herro at 16, but their front office seems dead set on length – something that Herro very clearly lacks. However, for the role Herro projects to play for his career, that shouldn’t be an issue. New Orleans desperately needs shooting, something they would have addressed with the 8th pick in this mock, but Herro would be another smart addition at this point in the draft as well. He can catch and shoot, shoot off the dribble, and his record-breaking free throw percentage is a good metric for how he’ll shoot actual jumpers in the NBA. The guy plays with a chip on his shoulder and it shows. What he lacks in length he makes up for with heart. Herro could fit well on any team, but New Orleans makes too much sense.
18. Indiana – Keldon Johnson (Kentucky) Back to back Kentucky players taken with Keldon Johnson going to Indiana. Johnson’s defense will mesh well with the Pacers hardnosed approach, and his shooting ability will be a great replacement for Bojan Bogdanovic if he ends up leaving in free agency. Johnson isn’t a prolific passer (1.6 assist per game on a skilled Kentucky team) but with 17.6/7.6 per 40 splits, Johnson should be a skilled 3 and D player at worst in the NBA if his shot can translate. Johnson’s greatest weakness is his mobility with and without the ball. His dribbling ability is amateur, and he often can get caught standing around on both ends of the floor. However, with the grit he displayed last year, there is real potential for him to excel at the next level.
19. San Antonio – Goga Bitadze (International) I’d love for Goga Bitadze to fall to Boston at 20, but the Spurs seem like the perfect fit for him. The Georgian center earned the Serbian League MVP this past season after posting 16.9/7.6/2.3 splits while averaging 2.1 blocks per game. He’s only 19 years old, so Pop will have plenty of time to develop him (depending on how long he stays). He’s strong, has a variety of post moves, and can shoot. He’s a capable defender, but his size makes him too slow in some situations. Minus that, Bitadze should be an NBA ready center the second he gets drafted and should make an immediate impact for the Spurs.
20. Boston (from LA Clippers via Memphis) – Nickeil Alexander-Walker (Virginia Tech) Once again, this is another dream scenario for the Celtics. With Kyrie Irving likely on the way out and outside scoring a priority, Alexander-Walker fits the Celtics perfectly. He has some experience as a sophomore and decent length at 6’5” with a near 6’10” wingspan. His 16.2/4.1/4.0 splits on 54.6 EFG% is great, and he’s an apt defender averaging 1.9 steals a game as well. His shot is a little wonky, which makes it difficult to shoot off the dribble, but his catch and shoot three ball is exactly what the Celtics will need. On top of that, his passing abilities are phenomenal, and the Celtics will need a facilitator if both Kyrie and Terry Rozier leave. If the Celtics take Alexander-Walker here (or at 14 or 22), he will immediately be incorporated into their rotation.
21. Oklahoma City – Nicolas Claxton (Georgia) I got to watch Claxton live at Alabama this past year, and while I wasn’t overly impressed with how he played, he certainly deserves the recognition he’s been getting recently. While his 13 PPG, 8.6 RPG, and 2.5 BPG are great, his shooting splits of 46.0/28.1/64.1 leave much to be desired. Although he’s fairly lanky, Claxton is an above ball handler for his size who can also pass well. He’s also an apt defender, and that should only improve as he puts on the weight needed to play in the NBA. If Claxton can bulk up, develop a shot, and continue to develop as a defender, he theoretically can be a great stretch 4 in the league, which is exactly what the Thunder can use right now given their inability to make any free agent signings with their cap situation.
22. Boston – PJ Washington (Kentucky) I don’t expect Boston to keep all three picks they have, and the 22nd pick seems like the most likely to be traded, but PJ Washington would be a great player to grab this late. A true big who can also shoot well for his size (52.2/42.3/66.3 splits), Washington’s scoring and rebounding would fit the Celtics perfectly, especially if Al Horford is moved in a trade for someone like Clint Capela. Washington plays like a guard with his shooting and passing abilities, but his shot selection can be awry at times. He’s somewhat slow and can struggle on defense because of this, but a hardheaded defensive team like the Celtics will be able to fix or hide this weakness.
23. Memphis (via Utah) – Kevin Porter Jr. (USC) (Memphis receives 23rd pick, Dante Exum, Derrick Favors, and Tony Bradley from Utah in exchange for Mike Conley and 2022 2nd Round Pick) I’m not sure how either side would feel about this trade, but it’s about as fair as I could manage given each cap situation. Utah gets Conley to compete in a wider open Western Conference, and Memphis gets another young talent to help build its core. Kevin Porter Jr. is a bit of a question mark, which is why this trade may be a bit farfetched, but he may be worth a shot for a team that isn’t going to be competing for a few years. Porter Jr. may have been limited in his playing time as USC, but that didn’t stop him from being an offensive stud when provided the opportunity. He may have weird shooting mechanics and his game may appear to be a bit too flashy, but put Porter Jr. next to a facilitator such as Ja Morant, and he should excel. Two ball handlers has worked across the league, and adding a potentially elite scorer in Kevin Porter Jr. next to Ja Morant, along with All Rookie First-Teamer Jaren Jackson Jr., and Memphis could have a powerful young core in the future.
24. Philadelphia – Cameron Johnson (North Carolina) Philadelphia is expected to remain in win now mode and attempt to resign both Tobias Harris and Jimmy Butler to max deals, which would make it difficult to retain JJ Redick. Cameron Johnson would be a great fit to replace him with his stupendous three point shooting ability (45.7% on 210 attempts). Johnson is 23 years old, making him ideal to play now rather than develop, and his shooting isn’t just limited to the three ball, making him the ideal 5th scorer if the Sixers decide to incorporate him that way. His movement will be questioned, especially with his recent hip surgery, but for a team that is loaded with defense otherwise, a spot up shooter like Johnson should fit right in.
25. Portland – Dylan Windler (Belmont) Portland has two exceptional shooters already, and with bigs like Meyers Leonard and Jusuf Nurkic locked up down low, I could see Portland taking a shooting forward like Windler. It’s difficult to draft a player this late in the first round to develop in the future, so taking a boom player like Windler could pay off big if his three point shot can translate to the NBA. He does a whole lot right, and his struggles seem to come from trying to do too much. Stick him on a team where Damian Lillard, CJ McCollum, and a healthy Nurkic are priorities to score, and Windler should succeed with less pressure.
26. Cleveland (from Houston) – Mfiondu Kabengele (Florida State) Tristan Thompson is finally off the books after this season, and the Cavs will want to retool at the position sooner than later. Kabengele could end up being Tristan Thompson with a three point stroke, which the Cavs would gladly take. He’s better offensive rebounder than defensive, and loves to block shots, but he’ll have to adapt to playing with an actual team of NBA talent rather than the Florida State team where he was the center of attention. I have my doubts with Kabengele, but he can certainly become a capable NBA player with his frame and potential.
27. Brooklyn (from Denver) – Grant Williams (Tennessee) With Kyrie Irving likely coming to Brooklyn, they’re going to be in win now mode, so why not draft a guy who’s won for his whole college career? Grant Williams is a great interior player with post skills to boot. He’s gritty and can fight through contact to score and draw fouls. Williams isn’t a notorious outside shooter, but his free throw percentage was great, which leaves improvement as an intriguing possibility. His defense is also great, so he’s certain to be incorporated in one way or another on a contender.
28. Golden State – Chuma Okeke (Auburn) Carsen Edwards made too much sense here before Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant got injured, so while Golden State relaxes a bit in the regular season, they should take the time to develop Chuma Okeke as he comes back from his torn ACL. Okeke is a proper three point shooter coming from a run and gun team, so he should find success in the Golden State offense. He’s a great passer as well for his size, which is very important in an offense like Golden State’s where the ball moves rapidly to get the open shot. Okeke won’t be rushed back by any means given the situation in Golden State, so the Warriors would have plenty of time to incorporate a more than capable three point scorer into their already electric offense.
29. San Antonio (from Toronto) – Matisse Thybulle (Washington) San Antonio could have an electric backcourt on the defensive end if they pair Matisse Thybulle and Dejounte Murray, which is something I’m sure Pop would be interested in. Thybulle wasn’t exceptional on the offense end, only averaging 9.1 PPG, but his 3.5 SPG and 2.2 BPG as a guard are amazing. He has a great FT% at 85.1%, which could potentially translate to a jumpshot, and his athleticism could turn him into a great slasher if he can learn to score that way. San Antonio is going to need to retool sooner than later, and I think Thybulle could turn San Antonio into a defensive powerhouse after some time.
30. Milwaukee – Terence Davis (Ole Miss) Milwaukee really has no glaring needs right now, but with the potential to lose any of Khris Middleton, Malcolm Brogdon, Brook Lopez, and Nikola Mirotic to free agency, there certainly will be a hole to fill somewhere. Since these players all have some three point stroke, Terence Davis makes sense as a replacement for someone in this mix. A late riser, Davis shot 37.1% from 3 on 175 attempts and averaged a cool 15.2 PPG. He has some length with a 6’9” wingspan and is a capable defender who can move well, but he has glaring issues with shot selection and drive attempts on the offensive end, which make him rank so low amongst other draftees. However, he’s been rising for a reason, so Milwaukee could certainly take a shot and draft him here.
Just missed the cut: Carsen Edwards, Talen Horton-Tucker, Darius Bazley, Bruno Fernando, and KZ Okpala
Edit: just a quick formatting fix. enjoy!
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Today's Pre-Market News [Monday, Feb. 25th, 2019]

Good morning traders and investors of the wallstreetbets sub! Welcome to a new trading week and a fresh start! Here are your pre-market news this AM-

Today's Top Headlines for Monday, February 25th, 2019


































  • NIO 8.58%
  • IQ 6.03%
  • JD 5.20%
  • ONCE 120.22%
  • SPX 0.64%
  • QCOM 1.30%
  • DIA 0.52%
  • KHC 0.74%
  • AUPH 5.17%
  • HUYA 9.89%


General Electric – GE announced the sale of its bio pharma drug unit to Danaher for $21.4 billion, including $21 billion in cash. GE plans to use the proceeds to reduce leverage and strengthen the balance sheet, and expects the deal to close during the fourth quarter of this year.


Newmont Mining – Barrick Gold has made an all-stock offer to merge with its mining rival, following reports Friday that it was considering such a move. Newmont is currently in the process of acquiring smaller rival Goldcorp, but Barrick said this deal offers far superior value.


Berkshire Hathaway – Berkshire reported quarterly profit of $2.32 per share, above the $1.85 a share consensus estimate. Revenue came in below forecasts. In his annual letter to shareholders, Berkshire's Warren Buffett noted the difficulty in finding large acquisitions.


Kraft Heinz – Shares are staging a slight rebound after tumbling Friday on news of worse-than-expected earnings and a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation. During his appearance on Squawk Box, Warren Buffett said he and partner 3G Capital did not overpay for Heinz, but did overpay when Heinz acquired Kraft Foods.


Twitter – Twitter co-founder Evan Williams is stepping down as a member of the board at the end of February. Williams said he wanted to focus his time on other projects.


Spark Therapeutics – The drugmaker agreed to be bought by Switzerland's Roche for $4.3 billion or $114.50 per share in cash. The price is more than double Spark's Friday closing price of $51.56.


Qualcomm – The chipmaker rolled a series of 5G networking chips for a wide range of uses including cars and home broadband. The product announcements came at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona.


Sony – Sony also made product announcements at the Mobile World Congress event, unveiling new smartphones with movie-style screens.


Caesars Entertainment – Caesars is in talks with Carl Icahn to offer him a role in selecting a new CEO for the casino operator, according to a Reuters report.


PG&E – The utility company will drop its plan to award $130 million in bonuses to employees, following protests from victims of California wildfires.


Norwegian Cruise Line – The stock was upgraded to "outperform" from "neutral" at Macquarie, which noted a reduce risk profile given strong bookings and the potential for a dividend later this year.




What is on everyone's radar for today's trading day ahead here at wallstreetbets?

I hope you all have an excellent trading day ahead today on this Monday, February 25th, 2019! :)

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Build your dream NBA shower with $15

$15- Luka Doncic $5- Dirk Nowitzki, Nicola Jokic $4- Matthew Dellavedova, Timofey Mozgov, Steven Adams $3- Kevin Love, Kyle Korever, Joe Ingles $2- Pau Gasol, Marcin Gortat, Miles Plumlee $1- Boban, Nikola Vucevic
Optional (free)- Dwight Howard, Kelly Oubre, Trae Young
Personally I’m going with the all-iq shower and picking Luka
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Top 100 Players in the NBA 6.0 (big changes, Giannis number 1)

Hey All!
We are past Thanksgiving and nearly 25% of the way through the season now. Reputations are starting to be fully established for this season and although we still have a long way to go, there are a lot of things that look a lot different than this time last year.
And there is a new number 1. In the 2 years I've done this ranking really the only players who have gotten the number 1 spot are LBJ, KD, Curry. AD got there for like a day or 2 last year, same with Harden. Embiid got there for a day last week but that was all.
Anyways, point is Giannis is someone who could be there longer than a couple of days at this rate. Turning 24 years old in 11 days, this could be a new chapter in the NBA.
Player Change from Last Edition Comment
1. Giannis Antetokounmpo +2 30 point double double's each of the last 3 games, Bucks winning, he's only getting better.
2. Kevin Durant +5 Durant bounces back to the number 2 spot. Had the best game of his season vs. Sacramento, 28/8/6 averages, he'll be fine.
3. LeBron James -2 Losing to the Magic isn't good, but he's doing his part and he won't fall out of the top 3 barring a crazy regression.
4. Joel Embiid -2 There is no question, he is the best center in the game now and it's not close. The man is unstoppable every night at this point.
5. Stephen Curry same Still injured, Warriors miss him, his impact is clearly being seen, nothing new.
6. James Harden same Houston isn't where they were last year, but Harden is catching up to his usual groove. 40 points 2 of the last 3 games, the Rockets have problems but Harden is the least of those.
7. Kawhi Leonard +1 Last 2 games: 27/10, 29/10. Raptors are 17-4, extremely pretty game to watch, and has at this point re-established his superstar status.
8. Russell Westbrook +1 23/10/9 averages, Thunder winning, there are some issues (1-12 from the 3 point line last game) but he is continuing to play to his strengths for the most part, keeping his value in the top 10.
9. Anthony Davis -5 AD being number 9 speaks to the depth of the league this year. Improved long range shooting, defense, career high 5 APG. Just needs to stay in a groove with luck (missed last game). Does need to continue playing to his strengths in the paint too (career low .507 2 PT PCT)
10. Paul George +2 PG gets the last top 10 spot this edition, with the Thunder successful, a career high 8 RPG, and leading the NBA in SPG. He has been fun to watch.
11. Kyle Lowry +2 A very solid week for him, including an incredible 21/17/12 triple double vs. Atlanta. 15/10 averages for the 17-4 Raptors, and he is just outside of the top 10 this week.
12. Kemba Walker +4 With 28 PPG, Kembert is establishing himself in the elite category and was at one point in the top 10 this past week. 17-46 shooting the last 2 games knocked him back down, but still in the last 7 days he is up 4 spots.
13. DeMar DeRozan -2 25/6/6 averages, career high 51% 2 PT PCT, although his 3 point shot that was improving last year is gone and the Spurs are 9-10. Still, has been solid enough to keep a top 15 spot.
14. Nikola Jokic +5 Him being more assertive on offense is clear, and the dude is 11-40 shooting the last 3 games. So why does he move up? Denver is doing better again, and he makes his teammates better on the floor. And overall on the season 17/10/7 averages. He needs to stay consistent though.
15. Damian Lillard -5 The ridiculous start he had efficiency wise has regressed to the mean (really below the mean) and Portland has slowed down a little bit. Still, 26/6/5 averages and the team does look better than last year. Lillard keeps a top 15 spot.
16. Blake Griffin +6 Blake Griffin is on pace to have the best season of his career, a weird career arc where he hit his supposed prime around 24-25, and has now developed his game back to where he looks even better at 29. The Pistons are also 4th in the East currently and with how things are playing out I would say a playoff berth is probable right now.
17. Kyrie Irving +4 The Good: The obvious game last week, career high in RPG/APG, 22/6/5 averages, he's done his part for Boston. He's not the issue, Boston needs to trade a piece sooner than later to even chemistry out, probably Terry Rozier.
18. Klay Thompson same Last 3 games: 27/31/31 points. Career high 23 PPG. But also by far a career lor 34% from 3 so far (and a career high 53% from 2). Still has played solid enough to keep a top 20 spot.
19. Andre Drummond +6 Career high 20 PPG, elite defense, has shockingly expanded his range a tiny bit with 1 3P FG attempted a game. Pistons are 10-7, and they have 2 top 20 players.
20. Victor Oladipo -3 Has been injured, Pacers clearly have missed him the last couple of games. But he keeps a top 20 spot.
21. Jrue Holiday -7 20/9 averages, great perimeter defense. He had a bad week shooting wise though which takes him out of the top 20 (and career low 26% from 3 is not good). Still one of the more underrated players but needs to bounce back to stay in the top 25.
22. Chris Paul -7 He's regressed a tiny bit, and some players have jumped ahead of him, but for a 33 year old PG he is still near elite. 18/8/5 averages with 2 SPG and decent shooting efficiency. Has rested the last couple of games, and they need him because Michael Carter Williams gets playing time otherwise.
23. Jimmy Butler -3 A slow start to the week (5-16 shooting vs. NO, L to CLE) but bounced back vs. the Nets with arguably his best game of the season and a buzzer beater. He's playing better in Philly overall than he was in Minnesota, I see him moving up the ranking as the season goes on.
24. Karl-Anthony Towns +4 The result of JB leaving is an increased role for KAT, so far so good as he recorded a 35/23 game and is back in the top 25 (for now). There's still a lot to work on, but he is now the clear leader for this team and he won't have a lack of opportunity.
25. Rudy Gobert -2 An 18/15/5 game vs. Sacramento last night was probably his best of the year. He gets the last top 25 spot, this Jazz team has talent with 6 clear top 100 players still. Gobert is the anchor, and he's doing his part.
26. Tobias Harris +6 The emergence of Tobias continues. 22/9 averages, ridiculous shooting efficiency (57% 2 PT, 43% 3 PT), helps his team on the floor, and 34/11 last night in a big win on the road vs. Portland. Just outside of the top 25 but if he keeps this up he'll get in there, and at this pace is a serious all star candidate.
27. Ben Simmons -1 Playing consistent, 16/9/8 averages, on par with last year, nothing spectacular but is firmly in the top 30 right now.
28. Khris Middleton -4 21/15/21 points the last 3 games. 19/5/4 averages, game has progressed from last year. Was just simply passed by a few players this past week but still in the top 30.
29. John Wall -2 His contract likely has him stuck on the Wizards, but it's not all bad. First, the team looks a little better. Wall has a career high 50% EFG, 21/8 averages and he had a solid week, enough to keep him in the top 30.
30. Steven Adams +1 OKC joins GS and PHI as the only teams with 3 top 30 players, and Adams gets the last spot. This is likely his ceiling, and he struggled vs. Denver. But 16/11 averages and has been a steady force for the Thunder.
31. Bradley Beal +6 21/5/4 averages, at least 6 assists the last 3 games, just outside the top 30. Man there are some teams he would look really good on if the Wizards are going to trade him.
32. CJ McCollum -3 21 PPG, doing his part as the 2nd option, better than last year, but Blazers have slowed down a little bit and his efficiency was mediocre this past week. Overall a good season so far still.
33. Devin Booker +2 Booker continues to slowly progress, with a career high 7 APG and looking more comfortable. still just 22 years old, the 32% 3 PT needs to improve but it's been a good individual season for him so far.
34. LaMarcus Aldridge -4 Good: 18/11 averages, had his best game of the season with 33/14 vs. Indiana. Bad: Has regressed from last season and 42% FG PCT is really bad. Still, Spurs are better with him on the floor but he needs to stay consistent and although I can see him in the top 30-35 at the end of the year I think he's regressed from top 25 form.
35. Pascal Siakam +9 Pascal Siakam being a top 35 player seems like fantasy world but here we are. The talent was there early, but the consistency has remained as well. 15/8 averages, and at this point MIP needs to seriously be considered.
36. Clint Capela -2 29/21 against the loaded Detroit frontcourt speaks for itself. The man is continuing to show he has talent, but Houston's team success needs to catch up if he wants to match his number 28 ranking from last year.
37. Serge Ibaka +4 My finals prediction before the season was Raptors>Warriors in 7 and I'm sticking to it. I'm going to say it, the Raptors have a better top 4 than GS and are deeper. Kawhi gives them the extra added push they didn't have last year, I think DeMar could have gotten them to the finals but not a serious chance to beat GS. Kawhi gives them that. And barring any injures I think they will.
38. Marc Gasol +8 This pleases me as a Grizzlies fan, Gasol (and Conley) have both bounced back. They have lost the last 2 games which could have easily been won, but Gasol is averaging 18/10 on efficient shooting and he gets a top 40 spot with his stock trending up.
39. Al Horford -3 It's been an iffy year for him. He's doing his part in the paint but his long range shooting efficiency has decreased and the Celtics have struggled. He is averaging a career high 1.7 BPG on the brightside and stays in the top 40.
40. Gary Harris -1 17 PPG, stays in the top 40 although his shooting efficiency needs to be more consistent to move up. Still a solid year overall.
41. Eric Bledsoe +2 15/6/5 averages, and man he looks incredible in the clutch sometimes. He's taken a backseat in terms of being a primary scoring option but he plays his role well and has a clear spot in the top 50.
42. Lou Williams -9 A slow week (7-27 shooting the last 2 games) falls out of the top 40, but on the year Clippers are doing solid and Lou Will is a big part of that.
43. Jayson Tatum -3 16/7 averages and individually has been consistent after a somewhat slow start. He's not the Celtics' main problem.
44. Mike Conley +9 What an insane bounce back year, and as a Grizzlies fan this makes me happy to see. 20/7 averages, 2 straight double double's, he's back in the top 50.
45. Draymond Green same Still injured, value the same.
46. Jusuf Nurkic -4 He's having the best season of his career so far, with 15/10 averages. Injured shoulder vs. Clippers, hopefully not serious.
47. Zach LaVine +10 I've steadily raised his ranking over the course of the season and he now has a top 50 spot. 26/5/4 averages. Extremely fun to watch. Honestly, the shooting efficiency is bad but I'll be fair it's not like he has much help and he has been a consistent scorer.
48. Donovan Mitchell -10 The sophomore slump has been real, and honestly it's not really a matter of talent. That hasn't regressed. It's whatever weird chemistry is going on in the offense. Kind of weird, but we'll see how he fits in once he comes back the team looked great last night.
49. Julius Randle +2 Should the Lakers have kept him instead of Kyle Kuzma for the long term plans? Tough call but Randle looks awfully good this year.
50. Aaron Gordon -3 Gordon has "quietly" made progression. Enough to keep him in the top 50. Shooting efficiency up and the Magic are better. 17/8 averages and the athleticism is still insane.
51. Luka Doncic +8 His rise continues, making clutch plays and at 19 years old his IQ, we haven't seen since LeBron.
52. Josh Richardson -4 Still getting buckets, clear number 1 option now, Heat have struggled a little bit and he falls out of the top 50 but a good year overall.
53. Nikola Mirotic -1 Nikola Mirotic averaging 19/11 wouldn't have been predicted before the year, but he is and is just outside the top 50 right now.
54. Nikola Vucevic same Vucci Man is in a contract year and he's making his case to get seriously paid. 31/15/7 against LeBron's team speaks for itself.
55. Kevin Love -6 Still injured, value down.
56. Domantas Sabonis +6 Sabonis jumps into the top 60, with tremendous basketball IQ and shooting 69% from the field.
57. DeAndre Ayton +4 Doncic is the obvious favorite on this sub but Ayton is improving as well. He's got talent, put up 25/13 last night, and his ceiling is higher than I thought pre draft.
58. Jonas Valanciunas -8 Has talent, his role has just changed with the Siakam/Ibaka emergence. But 13/8 averages on the 17-4 Raptors and still puts up solid performances.
59. Jamal Murray +7 Has been consistent lately, and 22/8/8 vs. the Thunder last night was big. Gets a top 60 spot, needs to stay consistent.
60. DeAndre Jordan same Mavs look good lately, Jordan still looks solid as well.
61. JJ Redick -6 18 PPG, making clutch plays, his shooting efficiency is down from where it usually is though. Maybe a sign of age but he still makes plays when it matters.
62. Goran Dragic -6 Has been injured, Heat clearly miss him.
63. Robert Covington +5 Dude had a 1-18 shooting night. So how does he move up 5? Still solid on the year and has been a huge plus for Minnesota especially on defense.
64. Brandon Ingram -6 Ingram>Doncic was not popular last week. That changed, Ingram moved down. That being said, Ingram did look a lot better this week so I'm still giving him a chance to match my high expectations for him.
65. Dennis Schroder +8 Has been a great fit for the Thunder and is playing consistent, including 32/4/4 against Golden State.
66. Paul Millsap +4 Has been more efficient than last year and doing his part to help Denver succeed, overall a good season.
67. De'Aaron Fox same Up and down week (8-25 shooting last 2 nights) but overall still a great year for a player who could be a potential superstar in the next couple of years.
68. Derrick Rose +15 Stock Rising. And one of the most insane sports stories in recent memory.
69. Montrezl Harrell +13 Stock Rising. A truly unique player. 16/7 averages, the Draymond of the Clippers.
70. Joe Ingles -5 Good game last night, he's at least getting his buckets just not having the impact he did last season so far.
71. Jaylen Brown -7 Unfortunate that he was looking great vs. Dallas before getting injured. The talent is there, hopefully he comes back soon.
72. Hassan Whiteside -9 2 points vs. Toronto is not good and is on par with the consistency issues that have been there in the past. Overall though, he's been better this year than last still.
73. Willie Cauley-Stein -2 Started off the week with 23/7 but just 6 points each of the last 2 games. Still solid on the season overall, but he's in the top 75 and has to remain consistent to stay.
74. Danilo Gallinari +14 Stock Rising. He can be weirdly inconsistent at times (3 points, 0-8 shooting vs. Washington) but on the season he's been clutch with 19/6 averages for the winning Clippers.
75. Andrew Wiggins -6 Well it was not a good week. Still, 16 PPG and he keeps his top 75 spot for now.
76. Myles Turner +3 Not spectacular but consistent and solid.
77. Marcus Morris -5 14 PPG on efficient shooting, individually having a solid year despite the Celtics issues.
78. Tim Hardaway Jr +2 23 PPG, career high 3 PT FG PCT, steadily moving up the ranking right now.
79. Thaddeus Young -5 10 PPG, consistent, still solid but not as big of an impact that he had last year so far.
80. Otto Porter Jr +4 Had his best game of the season last one and solid enough week to move him up and stop a free fall.
81. Ricky Rubio -5 7-27 shooting the 2 games before last night, but then bounces back with one of the best games of the year last night from him. Doing just enough to stay on the ranking right now.
82. Derrick Favors -4 Got moved to the bench. Nothing sexy but has been consistent enough to stay here for now.
83. Kyle Kuzma -2 He's been a little more less efficient than I would have thought with him being next to LBJ, but still 16 PPG and showing off talent.
84. Eric Gordon -9 Stock Falling. 28 points vs. Cleveland helps but 33 FG PCT and 26 3 PT PCT is not good.
85. Caris LeVert -8 Still injured + value down
86. Jeff Teague +3 He had a really good game vs. the Bulls and helps the team on the floor more than hurts them.
87. TJ Warren +9 Stock Rising. 17 PPG on efficient shooting and has been consistent as well. The team success for Phoenix is not there but Warren is making a name for himself.
88. Enes Kanter +7 Stock Rising. 3 straight double double's, 21/26 last night, he jumps into the top 90.
89. Jae Crowder -3 13 PPG, entered the starting lineup and played well. Shooting isn't there efficiency wise but he does other things to help the team, which is why he was made a starter.
90. Buddy Hield +9 19 PPG on efficient shooting, 28 vs. Golden State, can be a little inconsistent scoring but he moves up.
91. Malcolm Brogdon (RE-ENTRY) +11 Has been hovering around the edge of the top 100 the whole season but with a solid week gets a nice push. 16, 22, 23 points the last 3 games making clutch plays with nice efficiency.
92. Rajon Rondo -7 Still injured + value down
93. Dario Saric -6 Very pretty 19/14 last game, but Timberwolves start has been up and down. Still, I think Saric will do very well.
94. Brook Lopez same 7-24 shooting the last 3 games not good, but the starting C for the successful Bucks and has made a positive impact.
95. PJ Tucker -3 PJ Tucker has been a bright spot. 8/6 averages on efficient shooting. Team isn't where they were at but Tucker is doing just enough to keep a top 100 spot.
96. Jabari Parker (NEW) +15 A big week moves Jabari onto the list. 3 straight 20+ scoring games, 16/7 averages, and a top 100 spot.
97. Dwyane Wade -6 A slow start returning from being out of action but then 35 points off the bench setting a Miami Heat record. Still in the top 100 in his last season.
98. Rudy Gay +2 15 PPG, keeps his top 100 spot as a bright spot for the Spurs.
99. JaVale McGee (NEW) +10 I literally cannot believe this, but JaVale McGee is a top 100 player in 2018. But 13/7 averages, has been consistent, and got 7 blocks last game.
100. Spencer Dinwiddie (NEW) +5 16/5 averages, and a 31 point game last night vs. PHI helps him crack the top 100 for the first time all season.
Next 300 (change from last week)
101. Tyreke Evans (-8) 102. Dwight Howard (-5) 103. D'Angelo Russell (same)
104. Al Farouq-Aminu (-14) 105. Bojan Bogdanovic (+3) 106. Terry Rozier (-8)
107. Harrison Barnes (+5) 108. Nicolas Batum (-7) 109. Will Barton (-3)
110. E'Twaun Moore (+4) 111. Danny Green (+10) 112. Patty Mills (+1)
113. Evan Fournier (-6) 114. Jerami Grant (+5) 115. Marcus Smart (-11)
116. Pau Gasol (-6) 117. Bobby Portis (same) 118. Andre Iguodala (-2)
119. Fred VanVleet (+5) 120. Jeff Green (-2) 121. Darren Collison (-6)
122. Jordan Clarkson (+13) 123. Lonzo Ball (+3) 124. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (-2)
125. Reggie Jackson (+14) 126. Jeremy Lamb (+3) 127. Patrick Beverley (-7)
128. Jarrett Allen (+8) 129. Taurean Prince (-4) 130. Ish Smith (same)
131. Gordon Hayward (same) 132. Jaren Jackson Jr (+10) 133. Dennis Smith Jr (-5)
134. Markieff Morris (+4) 135. Trevor Ariza (-2) 136. Kyle Anderson (-9)
137. Taj Gibson (+8) 138. Kelly Olynyk (-15) 139. Ersan Ilyasova (-7)
140. Rodney McGruder (+4) 141. Marvin Bagley III (+8) 142. Dwight Powell (-5)
143. Tyler Johnson (same) 144. James Johnson (-10) 145. Lance Stephenson (-5)
146. Cody Zeller (+12) 147. John Collins (+8) 148. Nemanja Bjelica (+6)
149. Aron Baynes (-8) 150. JJ Barea (+6) 151. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (-5)
152. Trae Young (+1) 153. George Hill (-5) 154. Trey Lyles (+5)
155. Wendell Carter Jr (-5) 156. Kelly Oubre Jr (-9) 157. Tristan Thompson (+24)
158. DJ Augustin (+5) 159. OG Anunoby (-2) 160. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (+6)
161. Ed Davis (+4) 162. Marco Belinelli (-10) 163. Rodney Hood (-1)
164. Jeremy Lin (+14) 165. Joe Harris (+3) 166. Josh Hart (-15)
167. John Henson (-7) 168. Mason Plumlee (+6) 169. Larry Nance Jr (-8)
170. Justise Winslow (+1) 171. Bam Adebayo (+12) 172. Trey Burke (+10)
173. Marcin Gortat (-4) 174. CJ Miles (-7) 175. Bryn Forbes (+4)
176. Garrett Temple (+1) 177. Allen Crabbe (-1) 178. Miles Bridges (-6)
179. Mike Scott (+1) 180. DeMarre Carroll (+4) 181. Evan Turner (+7)
182. Elfrid Payton (-18) 183. Cory Joseph (+6) 184. Collin Sexton (+13)
185. Jakob Poeltl (same) 186. Zach Collins (-13) 187. Avery Bradley (-1)
188. Austin Rivers (-13) 189. Reggie Bullock (+6) 190. Kyle Korver (same)
191. Carmelo Anthony (-21) 192. Luc Mbah a Moute (-5) 193. Gerald Green (-1)
194. Wesley Matthews (-1) 195. Quinn Cook (+9) 196. Shaun Livingston (+6)
197. Kent Bazemore (-1) 198. Stanley Johnson (+8) 199. Bogdan Bogdanovic (+15)
200. Dewayne Dedmon (-9) 201. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (-2) 202. Allonzo Trier (+7)
203. Tyus Jones (same) 204. Mohamed Bamba (-10) 205. Malik Monk (-5)
206. JR Smith (-5) 207. Delon Wright (+3) 208. Alex Len (+9)
209. Tony Snell (-2) 210. Alec Burks (+10) 211. Tony Parker (-6)
212. Dillon Brooks (-1) 213. Terrence Ross (+6) 214. Josh Jackson (-2)
215. Markelle Fultz (-17) 216. Marvin Williams (+9) 217. Pat Connaughton (+5)
218. Jonathon Simmons (-10) 219. Kris Dunn (-6) 220. Darius Miller (-4)
221. Monte Morris (+9) 222. Ian Clark (-1) 223. Jonas Jerebko (+1)
224. Landry Shamet (+3) 225. Wilson Chandler (-2) 226. Kevon Looney (+7)
227. Wayne Ellington (-12) 228. Davis Bertans (+11) 229. Noah Vonleh (+19)
230. JaMychal Green (+2) 231. Royce O'Neale (-2) 232. Dante Exum (+6)
233. Doug McDermott (-7) 234. Shelvin Mack (-3) 235. Boban Marjanovic (-17)
236. Luke Kennard (-2) 237. Juancho Hernangomez (+12) 238. Gorgui Dieng (+3)
239. Devin Harris (+5) 240. Seth Curry (-3) 241. Mikal Bridges (+4)
242. Mario Hezonja (-6) 243. Amir Johnson (-15) 244. James Ennis III (+6)
245. Maxi Kleber (+7) 246. Kevin Knox (-6) 247. Iman Shumpert (+32)
248. Nerlens Noel (-5) 249. Jonathan Isaac (+4) 250. Donte DiVincenzo (-8)
251. Alfonzo McKinnie (-5) 252. Langston Galloway (+20) 253. Dante Cunningham (+3)
254. Robin Lopez (+8) 255. Frank Ntilikina (-1) 256. Tomas Satoransky (+2)
257. Dorian Finney-Smith (+12) 258. Mitchell Robinson (+6) 259. Emmanuel Mudiay (+15)
260. Malik Beasley (+8) 261. Jordan Bell (same) 262. TJ McConnell (-3)
263. Zaza Pachulia (-8) 264. Richaun Holmes (+7) 265. Justin Holiday (+10)
266. Anthony Tolliver (-31) 267. Kyle O'Quinn (-2) 268. Vince Carter (-11)
269. Cedi Osman (+27) 270. Tyson Chandler (-3) 271. Shabazz Napier (+2)
272. Gary Clark (+10) 273. Damian Jones (+4) 274. Chandler Hutchison (-14)
275. Marshon Brooks (-5) 276. Norman Powell (+4) 277. Mike Muscala (+14)
278. Kosta Koufos (+7) 279. Jamal Crawford (+4) 280. Alex Abrines (-14)
281. Frank Kaminsky (NEW) 282. Josh Okogie (-31) 283. David Nwaba (+17)
284. Daniel Theis (+2) 285. Hamidou Diallo (NEW) 286. Frank Mason III (-5)
287. Omri Casspi (NEW) 288. Patrick Patterson (same) 289. Maurice Harkless (-5)
290. Antonio Blakeney (NEW) 291. Justin Jackson (+8) 292. Jake Layman (-5)
293. Raymond Felton (+5) 294. Tyrone Wallace (NEW) 295. Meyers Leonard (NEW)
296. Semi Ojeyele (-2) 297. Yogi Ferrell (-50) 298. Thon Maker (NEW)
299. Cheick Diallo (-9) 300. Willy Hernangomez (-37) 301. Ryan Arcidiacono
302. Milos Teodosic 303. Ian Mahinmi 304. Harry Giles
305. Grayson Allen 306. Rodions Kurucs 307. Greg Monroe
308. Damyean Dotson 309. Ante Zizic 310. Skal LaBissiere
311. Jerian Grant 312. Wesley Iwundu 313. Jalen Brunson
314. Aaron Holiday 315. DeAndre Bembry 316. Jose Calderon
317. Glenn Robinson III 318. Cameron Payne 319. Wesley Johnson
320. Nik Stauskas 321. Wayne Selden 322. Ryan Anderson
323. Jared Dudley 324. Shaquille Harrison 325. Kevin Huerter
326. Robert Williams 327. Jerome Robinson 328. Elie Okobo
329. Andrew Harrison 330. Troy Williams 331. Jarell Martin
332. Damion Lee 333. Channing Frye 334. Khem Birch
335. Omari Spellman 336. Furkan Korkmaz 337. Raul Neto
338. Ivica Zubac 339. Troy Brown Jr 340. Derrick White
341. Michael Beasley 342. Thabo Sefolosha 343. Terrance Ferguson
344. Marquese Chriss 345. Dwayne Bacon 346. Jonathan Williams
347. Sam Dekker 348. Tyler Dorsey 349. Derrick Jones Jr
350. Jacob Evans 351. Isaiah Hartenstein 352. Bruce Brown Jr
353. Chandler Parsons 354. Svi Mykhailiuk 355. Frank Jackson
356. Deonte Burton 357. DeVonte Graham 358. Lorenzo Brown
359. De'Anthony Melton 360. Guerschon Yabusele 361. Sindarius Thornwell
362. Sterling Brown 363. Keita Bates Diop 364. Alize Johnson
365. Matthew Dellavedova 366. Torrey Craig 367. Isaiah Canaan
368. Anfernee Simons 369. Justin Anderson 370. Cristiano Felicio
371. Miles Plumlee 372. Chimezie Metu 373. Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot
374. Troy Daniels 375. Georges Niang 376. Dragan Bender
377. Alex Poythress 378. TJ Leaf 379. Ekpe Udoh
380. Christian Wood 381. Ivan Rabb 382. Michael Carter-Williams
383. Henry Ellenson 384. Bismack Biyombo 385. Gary Trent Jr
386. Thomas Bryant 387. Solomon Hill 388. Caleb Swanigan
389. Jonah Bolden 390. Khyri Thomas 391. Isaac Bonga
392. Dzanan Musa 393. Melvin Frazier Jr 394. Moritz Wagner
395. Isaiah Briscoe 396. Salah Mejri 397. Jason Smith
398. Alex Caruso 399. Lance Thomas 400. Treveon Graham

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Ranking Every Player in the NBA (January 17)

Hey All!
I last posted my overall ranking 15 days ago and here is the updated list as of after last night's games.
I will also explain the criteria for this ranking as that was a big question last edition:
It's a ranking of who the best players in the NBA are, right now. I would not consider it a power ranking because I also take past stats, overall season performance, etc into account. I update this list every day.
The system I use is watching extended highlights of every game then analyzing the box scores. Then I go through each player individually and move them up or down accordingly based on how they performed each night.
I also take other factors into consideration as well though. For example, I moved Justise Winslow up a ton after his last game keeping in mind how consistent he's been lately.
Player (change from last edition) Comment
1. Stephen Curry (+5) In the 3 seasons I have done this ranking, this year is the most interesting in terms of there not being a clear number 1. The last 2 years, the whole season it was going to be unquestionably either LeBron, Curry, or Durant at the end of the year. Maybe add Harden to the candidates last year. But this season I would say there are 7-8 players who have a legitimate shot to be number 1, so there is more parity than in the past in that regard. Curry has the top spot right now, has played out of his mind lately and the Warriors are back to the 1 seed.
2. Giannis Antetokounmpo (+1) Continues to be unstoppable in the paint, right now I would give him the slight edge for MVP. The margin between him and Harden right now is very close. Could really even be 2A and 2B. Based on Giannis being healthy the whole season and all around game I will give him the spot but there is still plenty of time.
3. James Harden (-1) This dude really just put up 57 points back to back.
4. Anthony Davis (+1) IDK what magic juice Elfrid Payton has but the Pelicans look different with him back and AD looks better too.
5. Kevin Durant (-4) Still doing his thing and solid, hasn't had as flashy of a month as the players above him but a very legitimate contender for the number 1 spot by the end of the season.
6. Kawhi Leonard (-2) Raptors still number 1 in the east, Kawhi still looking good.
7. LeBron James (same) We are closing in on a month of him being out, I've gotten 2nd and 3rd opinions on this ranking from colleagues. When I started this ranking in 2016, it was "keep LeBron number 1 unless something crazy happens". The players ahead of him have continued to play at an elite level with him injured, but when he comes back I'm not doubting the guy.
8. Nikola Jokic (same) For sure a legitimate MVP candidate, and he's been more consistent on offense.
9. Paul George (+2) Career year on offense + arguably the favorite for DPOY has him top 10 right now.
10. Rudy Gobert (+8) A surprise entry into the top 10, Gobert has played great in January with 15/15 averages. More importantly, the Jazz are looking better and his consistent play has been the biggest reason why. Obviously an elite defender too, will he finish this high? Honestly I doubt it but he deserves recognition right now.
11. Joel Embiid (-2) Took KAT to school the other night. Philly has low key been kind of quiet, but it's been a solid year for Embiid so far.
12. Bradley Beal (+11) I did an article about this recently, but the comparisons between him and Ray Allen at the same age are staggering. He also has 31/7/5 averages in the month of January. That's more than just a good hot streak, that's freaking incredible play. He's going to be the primary option the rest of the year, we'll see if he can keep it up.
13. Damian Lillard (same) Passed 12,000 points and I would argue playing the best ball of his career.
14. Karl-Anthony Towns (-2) As I stated got his ass kicked vs. Philly, but the good is he's been superb otherwise. He's gone from all star candidate to pretty clearly getting in.
15. Russell Westbrook (-1) It's kind of crazy that a triple double average at this point is just "another year for Russell"
16. Kyrie Irving (-6) An incredible game last night vs. Toronto. Boston as a team has been improving, and if Kyrie can ball out in the playoffs a top 10 finish is realistic.
17. Blake Griffin (+2) I am bored watching Detroit, but Blake Griffin's talent this year is unquestioned.
18. Ben Simmons (+6) His consistency has been pretty solid this month and he's showing progression.
19. Jimmy Butler (+1) His leadership has helped Philly keep a top 4 seed and he's playing well himself.
20. Kemba Walker (-4) His game against the Spurs was pretty to watch. What happens to his future over the next few months is even more intriguing.
21. Klay Thompson (+15) Warriors going in the right direction, Thompson averaging 26 PPG on 53% shooting (47 from 3) this month.
22. Kyle Lowry (-5) He hasn't been the same since being injured. But, passing still unquestionably elite right now and he's the starting PG for the number 1 team in the east so it's a conundrum. Also keeping in mind his scorching hot start to the season.
23. DeMar DeRozan (-8) I guess you could say he's in a mini slump. 41% FG in January isn't great. But he's playing solid besides shooting so still in the top 25.
24. LaMarcus Aldridge (+9) If he played in OctobeNovember like he has since we're talking top 10 right now.
25. Draymond Green (+9) Warriors trending up, 13+ assists the last 2 games, he still has a ways to go to equal his number 9 ranking last year but he's been better.
26. Steven Adams (+1) Low key one of the more consistent players in the NBA. He's doing his job every night and has been a force for OKC.
27. Victor Oladipo (-5) Probably won't reach the number 12 ranking he had last year, and his 3 point shooting since December is 30%. But Indiana is winning and he's still solid.
28. Jrue Holiday (-7) I have never seen a player be able to put up a more quiet 25 points than Jrue Holiday. You'll watch a game, then look at the box score after and not know what hit you when you see his stats.
29. Clint Capela (-4) His injury is a big blow because dude was trending up before that.
30. Luka Doncic (-2) The hype train is still moving at a rapid pace. 24 PPG in January, if he plays like this the rest of the year he'll finish higher.
31. CJ McCollum (same) The Ringer article that just came out: "CJ McCollum for Aaron Gordon who says no?" Um Portland what lol.
32. Andre Drummond (-6) Just in terms of rebounding he's the best the league has seen in a while.
33. Khris Middleton (-1) Solid and efficient this month, Milwaukee is winning, and he's making winning plays.
34. Donovan Mitchell (+17) 27 PPG in January and very good to see him back in a groove.
35. Jayson Tatum (same) Scored a career high vs. Brooklyn and is slowly progressing. I think next year we could see a serious breakout.
36. Jusuf Nurkic (+10) He's been an intriguing player to watch since he decided to become the center version of Andrei Kirilenko.
37. Julius Randle (+7) Consistent, has improved as the season continues, all NBA potential in the near future.
38. Pascal Siakam (+2) 17/9/4 averages in the month of January. He has off nights but it's been an incredible year so far.
39. Domantas Sabonis (same) Still my pick for 6MOY
40. John Wall (-11) With his injury, at the end of the season his ranking will for sure need some extra evaluation.
41. Al Horford (+9) He's looked good this month, his ranking moves up as a result.
42. Mike Conley (-12) Efficiency down from December and the team is 1-7 in 2019.
43. Chris Paul (-6) Still injured, value down.
44. De'Aaron Fox (+5) Despite his shot cooling off he moves up. Kings are still .500 and he's shown a tendency for winning plays rarely seen in point guards his age.
45. Myles Turner (-3) Overall bounce back year for him, up 21 spots from 2017-2018.
46. Tobias Harris (-1) Still getting buckets, still ridiculous efficiency, but as I said 15 days ago watching him you feel like he could do more.
47. Devin Booker (-9) He's back from injury but needs to stay healthy to move back up.
48. John Collins (+24) Catapults into the top 50 with 19/10 averages at 21 years old. Serious potential here.
49. Serge Ibaka (-8) Quiet month but still making plays for the Raptors and keeps a top 50 spot.
50. Nikola Vucevic (-7) Vucci Man gets the last top 50 spot. We'll see if he's still in Orlando 3 weeks from now.
51. Jamal Murray (+4) 18/5/5 averages in January with improved overall efficiency.
52. Lou Williams (+8) 21 PPG in 2019 and with the Clippers recent funk they might turn to him to turn it around.
53. Eric Bledsoe (-5) Still one of the best two-way point guards in the league.
54. Buddy Hield (+14) 22 PPG in 2019 and shooting 53% from 3. Moving on up.
55. Malcolm Brogdon (+15) This is low key an MIP candidate. His game is so pretty to watch and the dude's IQ is off the charts.
56. DeAndre Jordan (-3) Basically Andre Drummond without the extra stuff at this point.
57. Danilo Gallinari (+5) Has continued to score at a consistent rate.
58. Marc Gasol (-11) Grizzlies possibly looking to trade him. As a Grizzlies fan, sure, but I don't know who would take him.
59. Montrezl Harrell (-3) Unquestionably one of my favorite players to watch.
60. Thaddeus Young (-2) Up 3 spots from his 63rd 2017-2018 finish. And nobody talks about him, but he's the X factor for Indiana.
61. Zach LaVine (-9) Scoring: good. But the Bulls also haven't won a game since December 28.
62. DeAndre Ayton (+1) Not talked about as the Slovenian Strawberry Stud Muffin, but he's got ridiculous long term potential.
63. Robert Covington (-4) Injury has value a tiny bit down.
64. Kyle Kuzma (same) No ESPN I don't care why Kyle Kuzma was tweeting at halftime
65. Josh Richardson (-11) If he played like he did OctobeNovember since we're talking about a top 30 player right now. Since December 1 he's shooting 38% from the field.
66. Derrick Rose (-9) Has only played 2 games in 2019, value a bit down.
67. Paul Millsap (same) X factor for Denver.
68. Brandon Ingram (-7) He's shown some progression but also has only made two 3 pointers in 2019.
69. Aaron Gordon (+2) It's been a better January than December for him but still a ways to go.
70. JJ Redick (-5) 20 PPG in 2019, has a role and plays it well.
71. Andrew Wiggins (+2) The 40 point game was very good. Needs to be more consistent but the talent is still there.
72. Joe Ingles (+3) His role is a bit different from last year but he's helping Utah win as of late.
73. Gary Harris (-7) Great start to the season but like last year slowed down by injuries.
74. Willie Cauley-Stein (same) He's consistent yes he makes dumb plays but signs of clear talent tends to flash a lot still.
75. D'Angelo Russell (+17) 21/8 averages in January gets him a top 75 spot.
76. Jonas Valanciunas (-7) Injured and value down.
77. Kevin Love (same) Injured, but value the same. I'm sort of at the point with his ranking where if I'm debating between him and a player below him I'm like "eh is he really better than Kevin Love" so he will probably stay around here until he comes back.
78. Marcus Morris (+3) Slow last 2 games but overall solid year still.
79. Hassan Whiteside (-1) Same story. Some games looks great, some games meh.
80. Jerami Grant (+5) 15 PPG on 53% shooting in 2019.
81. Bojan Bogdanovic (-5) Still having a career season.
82. Harrison Barnes (-2) 16 PPG this year and shows solid talent. But also shooting 32% so far in 2019.
83. Bogdan Bogdanovic (+11) Still making big plays and is a big reason the Kings have maintained success.
84. Spencer Dinwiddie (-1) Kind of a slow month, but holy cow that game last night.
85. Derrick Favors (+2) A "so overrated he's underrated" player.
86. Brook Lopez (+7) "The Milwaukee defense is built around Brook Lopez" are words I would have never thought would be an article title.
87. Nikola Mirotic (+1) Sort of fell into obscurity when he got injured but the 29 point game last night helps his case.
88. Jeff Teague (+1) Another "so overrated he's underrated" player.
89. Darren Collison (-7) Plays role well and nice 15/7/4 game last night.
90. Jarrett Allen (+9) 13/11 averages in 2019 has his stock rising.
91. TJ Warren (-12) 17 PPG in 2019 although efficiency a bit down from before.
92. Jaylen Brown (+5) Inconsistent but flashes of talent keep him in the top 100 for now.
93. Marcus Smart (+12) Smart jumps into the top 100 with solid play lately. He finished there last year and we'll see if he does this year.
94. Dwyane Wade (-4) Playing his role well and has kept a top 100 spot all year.
95. Ricky Rubio (-11) Injured, value down, has kept a top 100 spot all year but that could be slipping.
96. Otto Porter Jr (+8) I like the Otto Porter Jr off the bench experiment and it has him back in the top 100.
97. Dennis Schroder (-11) Efficiency is down but showing enough to keep a top 100 spot still.
98. Danny Green (-3) Makes shots when needed for the 1 seed Raptors. Still in the top 100.
99. Al-Farouq Aminu (+4) Aminu gets a top 100 spot which makes 4 total for Portland.
100. Goran Dragic (-9) Justise Winslow is 101. The value of Dragic remains down with him injured, and Winslow is moving up. I gave Dragic the edge for now but both players are moving in different directions.
101. Justise Winslow (+28) 102. Caris LeVert (-6) 103. Lauri Markkanen (-3)
104. Evan Fournier (+4) 105. Eric Gordon (-4) 106. Fred VanVleet (-4)
107. Enes Kanter (+2) 108. Tyreke Evans (+8) 109. Gordon Hayward (+1)
110. Jae Crowder (+3) 111. Jaren Jackson Jr (same) 112. Reggie Jackson (+2)
113. Nicolas Batum (+4) 114. Patty Mills (+9) 115. Lonzo Ball (same)
116. Rudy Gay (-9) 117. Dario Saric (-19) 118. Jeremy Lamb (-6)
119. Kyle Anderson (+5) 120. Trae Young (+13) 121. Rajon Rondo (-3)
122. Cody Zeller (-2) 123. Larry Nance Jr (-4) 124. PJ Tucker (-3)
125. Kelly Olynyk (+1) 126. Terry Rozier (+4) 127. Marvin Bagley III (+5)
128. Andre Iguodala (+15) 129. Tim Hardaway Jr (-23) 130. Patrick Beverley (+6)
131. Jeff Green (+6) 132. JaVale McGee (-5) 133. E'Twaun Moore (+1)
134. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (-12) 135. Bam Adebayo (+14) 136. Taj Gibson (-5)
137. Nemanja Bjelica (+3) 138. Mason Plumlee (+12) 139. Dwight Howard (-14)
140. Dennis Smith Jr (-5) 141. Joe Harris (+6) 142. JJ Barea (-3)
143. Taurean Prince (-5) 144. Marco Belinelli (+10) 145. Ersan Ilyasova (+6)
146. Jordan Clarkson (-2) 147. Tristan Thompson (-2) 148. Will Barton (-20)
149. DeMarre Carroll (+25) 150. Trevor Ariza (+18) 151. Dwight Powell (+4)
152. Bryn Forbes (same) 153. Bobby Portis (-9) 154. Ed Davis (-8)
155. Kelly Oubre Jr (+7) 156. Rodney McGruder (-14) 157. Kyle Korver (+3)
158. Jeremy Lin (-1) 159. Josh Hart (-6) 160. James Johnson (-12)
161. Evan Turner (+20) 162. Reggie Bullock (+22) 163. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (same)
164. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (+2) 165. Tyler Johnson (-4) 166. Wendell Carter Jr (-8)
167. Elfrid Payton (+30) 168. Cory Joseph (+2) 169. Monte Morris (-5)
170. Wesley Matthews (+10) 171. Markieff Morris (-15) 172. DJ Augustin (-13)
173. Aron Baynes (-4) 174. Ish Smith (-7) 175. OG Anunoby (-2)
176. Allen Crabbe (-5) 177. Austin Rivers (+15) 178. Kris Dunn (+15)
179. Marvin Williams (+8) 180. Rodney Hood (-3) 181. Collin Sexton (+8)
182. Tony Parker (-4) 183. Zach Collins (+8) 184. Trey Lyles (-5)
185. Kent Bazemore (-13) 186. Terrence Ross (+9) 187. Dirk Nowitzki (-11)
188. JaMychal Green (+12) 189. Malik Beasley (+23) 190. Dewayne Dedmon (+8)
191. Garrett Temple (-16) 192. Lance Stephenson (-6) 193. Juancho Hernangomez (-3)
194. Gerald Green (+8) 195. Jakob Poeltl (-10) 196. George Hill (+13)
197. Pau Gasol (-32) 198. Alec Burks (-2) 199. John Henson (-16)
200. Josh Jackson (+6) 201. Delon Wright (+9) 202. Kevon Looney (+12)
203. Doug McDermott (+8) 204. Richaun Holmes (+22) 205. Tony Snell (-23)
206. Tyus Jones (-3) 207. Jabari Parker (-19) 208. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (-9)
209. TJ McConnell (+19) 210. Maxi Kleber (-5) 211. Jonas Jerebko (-17)
212. Davis Bertans (+8) 213. Luc Mbah a Moute (-5) 214. Noah Vonleh (+1)
215. Avery Bradley (-14) 216. Mike Scott (-3) 217. Shaun Livingston (-10)
218. Emmanuel Mudiay (+3) 219. Mike Muscala (+13) 220. Landry Shamet (+7)
221. Wilson Chandler (-2) 222. Tyson Chandler (+2) 223. Miles Bridges (-19)
224. Allonzo Trier (-6) 225. JR Smith (-3) 226. Nerlens Noel (-1)
227. Jonathan Isaac (-4) 228. Derrick White (+36) 229. Alex Len (+2)
230. Stanley Johnson (-13) 231. Mohamed Bamba (+7) 232. Royce O'Neale (+8)
233. Darius Miller (same) 234. Markelle Fultz (-5) 235. Dillon Brooks (+2)
236. Mikal Bridges (+6) 237. Tomas Satoransky (+16) 238. Dorian Finney-Smith (+7)
239. Rodions Kurucs (+13) 240. Derrick Jones Jr (-1) 241. Daniel Theis (+3)
242. Langston Galloway (-8) 243. Josh Okogie (+18) 244. Marcin Gortat (-8)
245. Iman Shumpert (-4) 246. Malik Monk (-11) 247. James Ennis III (+1)
248. Kevin Knox (+1) 249. Luke Kennard (+8) 250. Thomas Bryant (+23)
251. Cedi Osman (same) 252. Dante Exum (+7) 253. Danuel House Jr (+12)
254. Gorgui Dieng (-11) 255. DeAndre Bembry (+38) 256. Justin Jackson (+24)
257. Chandler Hutchison (+15) 258. Willy Hernangomez (+11) 259. Kevin Huerter (+23)
260. Seth Curry (+2) 261. Patrick Patterson (+11) 262. Norman Powell (+17)
263. Justin Holiday (-7) 264. Quinn Cook (-6) 265. Carmelo Anthony (-2)
266. Shelvin Mack (-16) 267. Robin Lopez (-13) 268. Meyers Leonard (+16)
269. Nene Hilario (-53) 270. DJ Wilson (+13) 271. Alfonzo McKinnie (+4)
272. Devin Harris (-26) 273. Mitchell Robinson (-5) 274. Furkan Korkmaz (+11)
275. Alex Abrines (-5) 276. Trey Burke (-2) 277. Damyean Dotson (+1)
278. Joakim Noah (+13) 279. Luke Kornet (+28) 280. Greg Monroe (+16)
281. Jake Layman (+47) 282. Tyrone Wallace (+6) 283. Dion Waiters (NEW)
284. Maurice Harkless (-29) 285. Harry Giles (+27) 286. Ryan Arcidiacono (+6)
287. Ivica Zubac (+13) 288. Torrey Craig (+29) 289. Omri Casspi (+6)
290. Tim Frazier (-24) 291. Shabazz Napier (+46) 292. Damian Jones (-11)
293. Zaza Pachulia (-23) 294. Jonathon Simmons (-64) 295. Jared Dudley (+3)
296. Vince Carter (-7) 297. CJ Miles (-50) 298. Yogi Ferrell (+16)
299. Dante Cunningham (-23) 300. Jalen Brunson (+1) 301. Jordan Bell (-7)
302. Sterling Brown (+17) 303. Thon Maker (-17) 304. Mario Hezonja (+11)
305. Hamidou Diallo (-15) 306. Jamal Crawford (-19) 307. Kosta Koufos (-40)
308. Semi Ojeyele (-2) 309. Matthew Dellavedova (-10) 310. De'Anthony Melton (+10)
311. Sam Dekker (+30) 312. Thabo Sefolosha (-7) 313. Bruce Brown (+25)
314. Jerian Grant (-10) 315. Donte DiVincenzo (-12) 316. Raul Neto (+6)
317. Robert Williams (-4) 318. Devonte Graham (+11) 319. Jonah Bolden (+37)
320. Jahlil Okafor (+26) 321. Shaquille Harrison (+6) 322. Frank Ntilikina (-14)
323. Michael Beasley (+16) 324. Terrance Ferguson (+9) 325. Abdel Nader (+67)
326. Boban Marjanovic (-49) 327. Pat Connaughton (-25) 328. Kyle O'Quinn (+4)
329. David Nwaba (-18) 330. Ante Zizic (+6) 331. Aaron Holiday (-10)
332. Ian Mahinmi (+13) 333. Nik Stauskas (-9) 334. Jon Leuer (+1)
335. Elie Okobo (-12) 336. Jose Calderon (-18) 337. Omari Spellman (+34)
338. Cheick Diallo (-7) 339. Amir Johnson (-30) 340. Svi Mykhailiuk (+2)
341. Cameron Payne (+13) 342. Wayne Selden (-2) 343. Courtney Lee (-33)
344. Anthony Tolliver (same) 345. Khem Birch (+21) 346. Wayne Ellington (-30)
347. Troy Brown Jr (+4) 348. Marshon Brooks (-23) 349. Frank Kaminsky (-23)
350. Troy Williams (-7) 351. Antonio Blakeney (-4) 352. Gary Clark (+5)
353. Milos Teodosic (-4) 354. Solomon Hill (-20) 355. Wesley Iwundu (+7)
356. Treveon Graham (+73) 357. Ian Clark (-27) 358. Channing Frye (-5)
359. Jevon Carter (+11) 360. Jarell Martin (+5) 361. TJ Leaf (+19)
362. Frank Jackson (+16) 363. Troy Daniels (same) 364. Glenn Robinson III (-12)
365. Grayson Allen (-5) 366. Frank Mason III (-18) 367. Moritz Wagner (+10)
368. Skal Labissiere (-18) 369. Damion Lee (-14) 370. Dwayne Bacon (-6)
371. Tyler Dorsey (-10) 372. Nick Young (-77) 373. Andrew Harrison (-15)
374. Raymond Felton (-15) 375. Jerome Robinson (-8) 376. Wesley Johnson (-8)
377. Bismack Biyombo (+48) 378. Georges Niang (-3) 379. Deonte Burton (-7)
380. Ekpe Udoh (-11) 381. Ivan Rabb (+6) 382. Jaron Blossomgame (-1)
383. Jacob Evans (-7) 384. Chasson Randle (+13) 385. Guerschon Yabusele (-6)
386. Justin Anderson (-13) 387. Marquese Chriss (-13) 388. Brad Wanamaker (+19)
389. Salah Mejri (-6) 390. Jonathan Williams (-8) 391. Khyri Thomas (+2)
392. Lorenzo Brown (-2) 393. Chimezie Metu (-8) 394. Chandler Parsons (-8)
395. Miles Plumlee (-7) 396. Isaiah Briscoe (+19) 397. Isaiah Hartenstein (-13)
398. Kenneth Faried (+5) 399. Cristiano Felicio (-10) 400. Daniel Hamilton (+20)
401. Jalen Jones (-3) 402. Alex Poythress (-11) 403. Ryan Anderson (-9)
404. Chris Boucher (+12) 405. Jason Smith (+5) 406. Luol Deng (+5)
407. Michael Carter-Williams (-12) 408. Isaiah Canaan (-12) 409. Christian Wood (-7)
410. Keita Bates-Diop (-9) 411. Dragan Bender (-11) 412. Drew Eubanks (+1)
413. Ben McLemore (+1) 414. Anfernee Simons (-10) 415. Shake Milton (-3)
416. Ryan Broekhoff (+14) 417. Theo Pinson (+25) 418. James Nunnally (+10)
419. Sindarius Thornwell (-20) 420. Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot (-15) 421. Alize Johnson (-15)
422. Brandon Knight (same) 423. Quincy Pondexter (-15) 424. Henry Ellenson (-15)
425. Caleb Swanigan (-8) 426. Lance Thomas (-8) 427. Devin Robinson (+7)
428. Demetrius Jackson (-1) 429. Marcus Derrickson (+8) 430. Wade Baldwin IV (-9)
431. Corey Brewer (NEW) 432. Dzanan Musa (-9) 433. Johnathan Motley (NEW)
434. Yuta Watanabe (+12) 435. Jerryd Bayless (-16) 436. Gary Trent Jr (-12)
437. Melvin Frazier Jr (-11) 438. Jaylen Morris (-7) 439. Tyler Lydon (same)
440. Thomas Welsh (-8) 441. Brandon Goodwin (+2) 442. Alan Williams (NEW)
443. Quincy Acy (NEW) 444. Kenrich Williams (-9) 445. Lonnie Walker IV (NEW)
446. Isaac Bonga (-5) 447. CJ Williams (-11) 448. Malachi Richardson (-15)
449. Udonis Haslem (-11) 450. PJ Dozier (-3) 451. Ron Baker (-11)
452. Troy Caupain (-8) 453. Zach Lofton (-8) 454. Okaro White (-6)
455. Rawle Alkins (-5) 456. Jordan McRae (-7) 457. Eric Moreland (-6)
458. Jawun Evans (-6) 459. Edmond Sumner (-4) 460. Davon Reed (-7)
461. Ray Spalding (-7) 462. Alex Caruso (-6) 463. Jaylen Adams (-5)
464. Duncan Robinson (-7) 465. Haywood Highsmith (NEW) 466. Patrick McCaw (NEW)
467. JP Macura (NEW) 468. Jared Terrell (-7) 469. Amile Jefferson (-10)
470. Devaughn Akoon-Purcell (-10) 471. Naz Mitrou-Long (-6) 472. Jordan Loyd (-10)
473. Ike Anigbogu (-10) 474. Tyler Cavanaugh (NEW) 475. DJ Stephens (-11)
476. John Holland (-10) 477. Vince Edwards (-10) 478. Zhou Qi (-10)
479. Tyler Davis (-10) 480. George King (-10) 481. Tony Bradley (-10)

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